Douk Douk Corsica – Cheap, sharp and chic !

Doukdouk Corsica

A Vendetta Doukdouk ! The Doukdouk Corsica is a creation by Laurent Bellini Julien Maroselli & Fred Perrin
made in Thiers by COGNET the manufacturer of the Douk Douk !
Gorgeous lines, great full flat ground carbon 3,5″ blade.

Douk Douk Corsica

The occasion to dig out that old review we made with Fred Perrin 12 years ago….

Douk Douk Fred Perrin

“Like many knife user I got a stock of blades for my different uses and the trips I will do.
There is allways a knife I carry. In fact I got three of these knives.
It’s french folder known as Douk Douk (“dook dook”).
Twenty years ago this knife was unknown in France but a real superstar in Africa !
In some countries the name “Douk Douk” is even synonym of “knife”. Go figure !

Born in the City of Thiers, french famous city of Cutlery. The designer of the Douk Douk was Gaston Cognet . The year was 1927 !
Nowadays, his grandson Pierre Cognier is the director of the factory, helped by his father Guy Cognier (previous director during the last 50 years)
If the Douk Douk is a industrial production, all the assembly, the check are made but hands since 1927 !

There are three sizes.
The small, the medium of true Douk Douk and the (rare) Large like the Vaquero Grande of the Doukdouk…

The small is 3 inches blade.
The medium is a little less than 4 inches. (Like the Corsican)
The Vaquero Douk Douk is 5 inches. In fact the giant Douk is not the best seller. The medium Douk is.

The classic Douk blade is a turkish clip, a bastard of a Bowie and a Scimitar.
The steel is 1075 drop forged, and full flat grounded.
The rockwell is HC52-53.

The handle is made with folded black steel.
A spring is inserted inside the handle and the all in assemblied by two pins.
The first pins is at the blade axe and the second is blocking the spring and attached to a steel loop for a lanyard.

On the handle a Stamp ! The Sorcerer called “Douk Douk”. It’s a the God of Doom in French Polynesia.
(The giant Douk Douk don’t have a very flat handle. It’s more the kind of a “pregnant knife” ! Much confortable for hard and long use.)

This knife has been made for the French Colonies and the foreign markets especially for the Pacific Islands and East Europe.
But finally its the many bargains from Caravan in Africa which spread the Douk Douk over all the Black Continent.
The biggest success of the Douk Douk was eventually in the North African countries (Marocco, Algeria, Tunisa…).
The knife will be back in Europe after the “Guerre d’Algérie” and after a part of the Algerian Population went to France.

Why such a big success ? The Douk Douk was (and is) cheap and the Steel is of premium quality.
The temper and the grind are so good , algerian people used Douk Douk to shave instead of Razors !

It’s very easy to resharp and to get razor sharp after some stropping on leather.
This knife got the spring covered by the handle and cannot harm the user if the spring breaks.
The general flat shape of the knife permits a lot of various way to carry it.

The Douk DOuk has even been used as a weapon in Algeria, because of its concealability.
It’s easy for maintenance: with a hammer you can smash the handle close to the axis and you got a secure fixed blade easy to hide in the Lapel vest or under a baboosh.
If many people regret the fact the Douk Douk is not a lock back, on the other side, without the lock being a slipjoint with a strong secure spring the knife is internationnaly legal and reliable.

As far as I am concern, I use the medium and the short Douk Douk has been one of my “gift knives”.
In the Army it was part of my gear and I use it during my SERE training.

For civilian, the Douk can be easily in a pocket or in a wallet or can complete a medical or survival kit.

In the 90’s, I have the opportunity to offer some Douk Douk to Masters Smith of the ABS and all have become hooked to the Dook !

In the middle size there is a Stainless version for mariner and deep forest explorer like our friend Geoffroy De Gentille, who use the Douk Douk in the rain forest of Congo. The Douk has become the main knife of the Pygmy tribe who works with him during the years for hunting “Bongos”. (A large antilope of the forest…)
The Pygmies main tools are the Machette and the Douk. We have even noticed that they only sharped one side of the blade like a chisel.
So you see chisel concept is not only japanese !

For the “Hooks to the Dook” there is a leather pouch to carry the three sizes all together.
There is also a colored version with a leather pouch and a small sharpner.
The colors Douk (non black) are all stainless.
In the Forest, we used to paint in fluo the handle of our Douk to prevent their loss.

Cheap, excellent material quality, when you need a knife for hard chores and you won’t mind to lose or destroy it:
call the Douk Douk !”

The Corsica Douk is an exclusivity of Fred. He also developped a kydex sheath to neck carry it.
You can contact Fred through his site.


(The Vendedouk is available directly at fredperrinconcept (hat)yahoo(dot)fr )

Update from 27 january 2013 – Pour ls francophones vous trouverez aussi un excellent article sur la génèse du Vendedouk. For those fluent in French you will be able to learn about the Vendedouk’s genesis on Alex Castell great site: Xtremsurvival

13 thoughts on “Douk Douk Corsica – Cheap, sharp and chic !”

  1. Beautifull piece, I love my 6 years old, med size douk douk – it´s my real edc – every day in my wallet or some of my pockets, every day used with pleasure for long 6 years. I love it, thank you for review, announcement of new piece and for bringing back memories on geocities sites and awesome reviews! Great job. Ps: how could I get this corsica douk into czech rep.?


  2. Thank you for the nice words. 🙂

    You can get a Douk Douk Corsica
    directly at Fred by contacting him by email:

    fredperrinconcept (at)yahoo(dot)fr

    (Ask him the price for shipping it to your beautiful country.)

    Small production, small distribution but such a grrrrreat Douk !
    If you need any help P.M. me or ask here !



  3. Many thanks for the review but WHAT has happened to the Bladecraft site? Tough to visit/buy when it’s suddenly gone 404.


      1. Thank you! I’ll eagerly await your news. It’d be great to be able to throw money at him from across the pond, even if it’s a trivial amount.



  4. The douk douk vendetta is fine as a non locker, but is a tad too long in the cuttting edge, as it is instead of 7. Is it possible to buy one with a shortned blade? If not, then is it easy / possible for a knife maker (I’m not one, but know a few) to grind / shorten it to a legal EDC length in UK?


  5. Living in the country as I do, a pocket knife is an essential tool. I have carried my small douk-douk for the past 20 years – the best of the best pocket knives. Many have I given as gifts and I am sure many more.


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