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Writing about knives is difficult, but I still find it interesting to try. So, once a month, I’m going to write a few words about a few things I’ve been using to. It can’t hurt, and who knows, it might even do some good.
I will admit that writing a monthly piece about cutlery has slightly increased my respect for knives critics. It’s not easy to keep coming up with space-filling content (especially if it’s your job) and it’s always tempting to try to grab attention by saying something nasty, ‘clever’, or controversial. There’s something oddly seductive about a strongly-expressed opinion, even if it’s a stupid opinion badly expressed. Anyway, I now look at knives reviewers more in the way I might look at, say, undertakers, or coal miners, or prison guards… In other words, people who do jobs I wouldn’t want to do, but don’t really want to think about, either.

So yes, I’m French with strong Norvegian roots, born in the East of France. The first sounds I have ever heard were produced by roaring ovens and the hammered steel on anvils.
I got my first bowie knife when I was five and was then a die hard fan of “Rahan”, “Tarzan” and later even… “Rambo” !

Writing review in English and French started in 1995 when I interviewed Fred Perrin and we have started one of the very first knives review site on the internet (RIP geocities.com).

So this is the place when you will find some of my old articles and some new articles about what I like or love in the knife world.

For pictures you can also go there: Nemoknivesreview on INSTAGRAM

And knives are tools for creativity. Don’t make me start on self defense knives… to quote Marc McYoung:

…When it comes to using a knife on another human being let me state right now:
I don’t give a f*ck what you think “self-defense” with a knife is.

Nor do I give a rat’s *ss about what your instructor says is
justified use of force (as he teaching you all these killer kung fu
commando deadly knife moves).

I also don’t give a t*nker’s d*mn about all the macho huffing and
puffing about “If I ever had to use this I’d…” BS that so many
wanna-be ‘knife fighters’ repeat endlessly on the internet (or the
ignorant chanting of “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by
six” mantra)

I say this because about 99% of what is out there about ‘knife fighting’ will either get you killed or put you into the prison showers….”

Marc McYoung thoughts about self defense with a knife…



31 thoughts on “About Nemo@nemoknivesreview”

  1. Hello Nemo,

    I remember an old review by Fred Perrin of the Chinese sword, Dadao by Cold Steel. Is that review still floating around some where? I think it was called the “War Sword”. It had the handle from the CS shovel.



  2. Hi Nemo,

    Great work! I have just been recently turned on to your site by another knife blogger. It’s great to see so many knives not as readily available in North America. Thanks for giving people such an open view of what is being produced today.

    Andrew at The Edge Observer


  3. Ah je vois que tu es francais! Ton site est excellent, je l’ai découvert par hasard en cherchant des infos sur un couteau. Il part direct dans mes favoris, continue le super boulot ici !


  4. Nemo, I love the site! I like seeing these knives being put to use. I have never wanted a Gayle Bradley so badly as I do now.

    I hope to see you on Knife Thursday


  5. Hello, Sir. Well, I love your knife photos. Very, very beautiful. I was wondering if you might also share some of your favorite varieties of cheese? My Wife and I would like to become connoisseurs over the next 20 years or so. Any favorites?


    1. Hello Sean.

      This is such great news.
      They are legendary.
      I had the chance to test one of your mini Panama Fighter.
      It was a pure wonder.
      I’m so glad to be part of the buzz around them.
      Way to go monsieur.



      1. Nemo, Thanks for the speedy reply , comments and encouragement. Feel free to pass the news on. Keep some steel sharp! Sean


  6. Hi Nemo great reviews as always.I do have a question though abot Spyderco C 22f .Recently I bought one and now Iam on the verge of keping it or selling it.First has only one sideliner on carbon fiber the other side is plain CF is that a concern for heavier duty cutting and then cleaning wise assembling the blade that carbon fibre look like is very chipy should I replace it with some other handle material.Just my thoughts,any suggestions cause your c 22 f review was very good.Thanks in advance and cheers.


    1. Hi Dragan,
      thank you for the very nice words.
      Steel is not the best handle component. Carbon fiber is used in Formula One, fighter planes… It’s really really solid !
      SO plain CF should not be a concern. It can ship during manufacturing but this is just cosmetic. I remember one reviewer unfortunatly drop his Sage 1 on concret and shot in it with his foot. The CF handle was not affected by the tumbles on concret. CF is great for EDC when you knife get in contact with keys in your pocket. This material was so rare back in the 90’s that the first C22 was made in Switzerland were CF was easier to get from the Formula One teams. CF is more shock resistant than G10 ! If you are able to ruin a CF handle, you will ruin titanium too. 😉

      Now hard duty with that little knife is possible if you know how to use it. This is a gentleman folder but it’s so well made and so high in perf that it can be used like a little big knife.
      Another one in the same league is the Gayle Bradley Air. So tiny and so solid. It hides well its game ! Another wolf disguise as a sheep.
      But you need to know how to use them. For example: twisting that C22 blade in hard wood during a cut could damage the blade. ZDP189 is a very hard steel and the blade is very thin. SO you get a great cutter but do not twist it. Its use aske for some finess. Walter, my Italian friend, will not use it for cutting hard wood and will keep it razor for meat processing. 🙂
      The lock is good and the choil protect your finger in case of failure. The open construction makes it easy to rinse if you do dirty cutting jobs. SO yes it has all of an heavy duty tool but do not forget the C22 is like a sport car. Only a good driver will be able to go off track with that Lotus.



      1. Thanks Nemo for a great reply and input about using zdp-189 will help me a lot, will keep my c22 will pair up nicely with my Spyderco Gayle Bradley(killer combo ).Looking forward for your new and upcoming reviews they are the the best.Thanks again and cheers.


  7. Nemo,

    Would it be possible for you to post your sharpening procedure? I’ve always enjoyed seeing your edges, and I was curious what materials and methods you use for sharpening.


  8. Hello,

    mainly ceramic which is a game of patience on new steels. The Sharpmaker is the most used.
    And leather stropping on an old leather belt.
    Nothing fancy. I do not like diamonds or toothy edges.

    Lately I have used some sand paper on the leather belt to convex the edge of my Stretch.
    The result was so messy (scratches) that I will not do it again.
    Ceramic, patience and a lot of leather stropping ! This is my secret. 🙂

    My friend JD is an excellent sharpener. Perhaps he will give you some of his tips. His edges are amazing !



    1. Thanks for the information Nemo. I used to have a Sharpmaker as well, but the stones got broken over the years. Perhaps it’s time to invest in one again, along with some of Spyderco’s benchstones.


  9. Hello,

    Can you recommend a patient knifemaker that can do anything and will help me design a knife?




  10. Hello Nemo how do you get such a clean edge on your knives and also how doo u keep the edge!
    Cheers 😀


  11. Bonjour Nemo,

    Super blog ! On voit le connaisseur qui s’exprime en anglais. C’est impressionnant de voir la passion des américains pour les couteaux.

    Je me permets de vous embêter pour partager avec vous un court docu sur la fabrication d’une lame Laguiole avec la technique de forge Damas : https://vimeo.com/128262966.

    On suit ainsi le travail d’Arnaud Grafteaux, un jeune forgeron à la coutellerie Honoré-Durand, une des dernières à faire encore entièrement des couteaux Laguiole en France.

    J’espère que tu apprécieras et si c’est le cas, n’hésites pas à partager dans tes réseaux.

    Bonne continuation,



  12. Hi Nemo, thanks again so much for your help during the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet this year! To both acknowledge your help with the videos and to ‘wink’ at the old Geocities review site with Fred Perrin I added ‘Directed by Nemo’ in the credits of my videos from the meet.


  13. Nemo! I got a 7 day ban from Facebook last night so if anyone in the FB group thinks I am being rude by not replying, I am not. I am in Facebook jail. For opposing Nazism.


      1. FB is in the throws of death by shooting itself in the foot, this is just another shot to the dorsalis pedis. There’s lots of hacks to stay under the radar of the FB bots. I post frequently about knives, but my page is about iron and metal work. Try a Tweeter (sic) account for the more controversial stuff. Lots more knife followers there, posts have to be short and videos about 45 sec. My TW is @Bladesmith111


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