The Bushcraft Knife from Tuscany

Saladini Bushcraft

When Italian designer and gifted knifemaker Giacomo Cecchi from Saladini Cutlery in La Scaperia (The Italian Sheffield) gave me the opportunity to test his own conception of a Bushcraft Knife, perharps I could share with my friends in the UK.

Saladini Bushcraft

As you can notice, the steel, who is shining like stainless, is in fact 1070 partially tempered at 58HRC on the edge. SO it should be solid and easy to maintain in the field.
The edge is not orthodoxaly scandi but thin on a saber lightly hollow ground blade.
Blade Length: 140mm for a 5mm thickness !!!!

The balance is perfectly centered at the beginning of the bambu handle. So the knife is really “alive”.
The handle in compressed Bambu got no hotspot and got little ergonomy enhancement for the humb to rest on the side and it suppose to be indestructible.

Saladini Bushcraft

It looks beautiful but also feels hefty.
It reminds a little the grind and feel of a Fallkniven with carbon steel blade and with a very sensual handle.

Now the sheath is pure beauty made for vertical carry and I will come back on it later.

Now, I will test it in the woods and check its brutal strenght and versatility.
It’s a short knife with anough weith for light chopping and heavy batonning.

So what do you Bushcrafters think about it this prototype baby from Italy ?

EDIT: The Bushcraft is now part of Saladini line of outdoors knives. There is also a version in D2 !
There site is:


Saladini Bushcraft


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