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Daniel Jobim

Benchmade BM275 Adamas part 2: Reprofiling – From Puff Daddy to Daddy Cool !

It’s time to de-shoulder that Benchmade Adamas‘s edge and to convex it a little to my own taste.
My tools are Spyderco Stuff 2 with diamonds, Fallkniven DC4 and leather strop.

First thing I will do is remove the stud which are in the way. I have found/learned that the hard way just by testing the angle, I have scratched them.

Two T6 torxs are necessary. One on each side.

Cerakote protection is found even inside the stub hole. In fact I was really tempted to remove it for good as the Adamas is so easy to open and close just by manipulating the Axis Lock button. But sometimes I need to be able to open it one hand and slowly too…

Next step is to protect each side of the blade, as I don’t want cerakote to be scratched… yet. I use white gaffer for that.

Slowly the edge is convexed and thinned. CPM Cruwear at 64 HRC is hard and diamonds are mandatory. It is a slow process all made by free hand.

Leather stropping is apply next. Again this is made slowly.

Soon this is a razorblade popping hairs just in one caress.

The Soda Bottle Butt Test was not passed in my previous test.
This is the reason I have decided to thin the edge of the Adamas in the first place.
Now it goes steady in like in butter.

The center of the butt is much thicker and harder to pass as the bottom can collapse. This is really my geometry test and many famous knives were not able to pass it.

The Adamas is now much better in terms of pushcutting and its steel (CPM Cruwear) is perfect for a thinner edge.
The stud has been put back and the big folder is ready !
Easy peazy lemon squizzy. It took me 1 hour.

The mighty Benchmade Adamas BM275FE-2 CPM – Cruwear for Flat Earth ? First glance at that Heavy Metal Hardcore Folder.

Here it is the Benchmade Adamas second generation with its CPM Cruwear heavy duty blade.
It has been almost 20 years since I have reviewed one of Benchmade hardchore (made for the Military) folder. The last one was the AFCK Axis in D2 and I even think it was not upload even if it was my EDC for two years. I loved the AFCKs because, well, Sal Glesser was involved in its design with Chris Caracci and Les de Asis and Bob Terzuola and I simply appreciate Sal Glesser’s way to invent and design “matter separators”.

But here it is “Tabula Rasa” as far as I am concern ! Go figure: no hole in the blade, but holes in the handle, a gifted designer which I’m going to discover named Shane Sibert who has also designed the Bushcrafter for Benchmade… and Clive Owen’s knife in Sin City.
His signature seems to be fuller on his blade.
“I started making knives in 1994 with the idea of creating blade ware that is simple, practical and efficient. I have been a full-time knifemaker since 2004. Keeping with the theme of practicality, I avoid large metal guards, bolsters and heavy pommels to keep the knives balanced and agile in the hand. Materials have been carefully selected to ensure optimal edge retention and low maintenance. Although the knives incorporate slim handle slabs to decrease unwanted bulk and weight, the handles contour the hand for a synergistic fit. I strive to hold myself to high quality and design standards and produce a knife that will invoke pride of ownership and at the same time perform the task that it was designed for with exceptional ease.”
(quoted from Arizona Customs Knives)

You can notice slabs and hole on the handle.
Actually for such a big knife the Adamas is not that big.
The first version was release in 2011 (you can see it here on Arizona Customs Knives) and was made of D2 the new version came ten years later and with its blade upgrade to CPM Cruwear.
This steel is known to be tough ! Less than CPM3V but with a better edge retention. The Cpm Cruwear Shaman was a big hit !
Here Benchmade has heat treated the CPM Cruwear to 63-65 HRC !
This is something I need to test as it is much harder than Spyderco HRC (61-62HRC) on their CPM Cruwear blades. (Sal tested his own blade at 61.1 HRC).

Cruwear Manix 2 – (63.2 – 63.7) HRC
Cruwear Military – 62.9 HRC
Cruwear Mule (re-release) – (62.1 -62.8) HRC
Cruwear Paramilitary 2 – (62 – 62.8) HRC
Cruwear Para 3 – 61.7 HRC
Cruwear Military – 61.1 HRC

At first touch, the Adamas oozes quality and delicate attention to details. The Olive Drab G10 slabs are wonderfully tappered on both ends and the jimping is done perfectly in my book, not as aggressive as G10 Manix for example. It is palm friendly even when closed. Well done. The holes in the handle help my thumb to index the tool.. There is no hot spots. The handle is totally open and easy to clean and check for debris. It is created as a workhorse which can get dirty but still reliable.
Of course this is an expensive knife with a MRSP at $280.00 but you can see where your money has gone. It is manufactured with love.
The blade is perfectly centered on mine and there is zero blade play in any direction.
I love the Axis Lock concept since its very first Henry&Williams BM710 release.
I have never had any issue with its Omega Spring. It is easy to use with one finger when the SPyderco Cage Ball Bearing needs two finger to work. The Axis Lock makes any knife as fast as automatics. I have never had any play on mine and I have been using them since their very very first release.
I won’t do batonning with the lock engaged like some youtubers seems to do until lock failure. For record, you can do batoning with an opinel…
But engaged lock (any lock) does not like to schoked and a beating can damage an disengaged any lock even a butterfly. Knowing how to use tools in the right situation should be mandatory before doing really stupid things on video and if anyone want to use a folder for batonning some wood (stupid millennial fashion as far as I am concern) just do it with no lock engaged or learn how to bring a better tool…

But once deployed, with just a gentle flick of the wrist — axis lock with heavy blade are just extraordinary easy to deplay— the blade is shown in all its power. I understand why some youtubers would like to shove it in concrete or in bricks…. I’m not certain they will be able to peel an apple in public with it but for that kind of task a Mini Adamas has been released with the same blade thickness…. Oooh well I’m not certain the thick Mini Adamas is made for fruits either. F<or that there is another tool too: the Kapara
The Adamas offering a 0.14″ | 3.556mm thick blade, it is designed hardcore for hard chores for folders. How will it behave, that will be in our next article but that blade surely offers a lot of lateral strength.
For now it is just a very first glance.
All specs of the Adamas can be found on Benchmade here.
You can also notice on that picture its deep carry clip which can be a nice touch for such a big heavy folder. More on that later.
The action is smooth at the pivot but needs a little breaking at the lock release; nothing some nano oil can not fix.

This is a very beautiful folder which is very well balanced, its sweet point being just under the index finger when hold in hammer grip.
It is alive in my hands.
The axis lock makes it ambidextrous and you can notice on that picture the 3 points for adapting that clip or another three screw clip (not deep carry) if needed on both sides of the handle.

The blade handle ratio is almost to 1 with the Adamas compared to the Military C36 which is known for its long handle.
Of course the Adamas came very sharp out of the box, but not as sharp as I want. The blade is protected with cerakote coating Flat Earth colored which got excellent reputation in terms of tough protecting the CPM Cruwear from rusting. Cruwear can get a patina but it is not easy.
Here Benchmade and Shane Sibert have chosen to propose a stealthy look for the soldiers which need no blade reflection under the sun too.

It is also sold with a very nice sheath offering many carry options for soldiers and hunters alike.
The deep carry clip is perfect in term of retention and ease to retrieve the big and heavy knife.
Oh it is 183 grams (5,45 oz) which is really heavy. The liners are stainless steel not titanium. This is Heavy Metal !

As you can notice the Adamas is much thicker than the C35 Military and much heavier too. Sal Glesser wanted his military to be as light as possible as a soldier got already many heavy things to carry.
Benchmade has taken another direction. The Adamas is beefierand thicker. Actually it can also been more confortable for long usage. We will see…

Another beefy released was the Shaman which almost has the same handle length. The Adamas provides a lot of edge.

Here is my good old AFCK Axis. It was used with a lot of love as you can notice. Zero issue with the lock BTW.

Now it is time to give some work to that Adamas designed to “deliver unrivaled performance throughout hard-use applications”. The next step will involve certainly some sharpening and reprofiling…
More to come soon…. But for now on, it is a knife which makes me grin when I open and close it. Kuddos to Benchmade and Shane Sibert for bringing this second gen of the mighty Adamas.

Spyderco Navaja Carbon Fiber ~ C147CF – Spirit of Spaniards


Nemo and his Navaja
The Navaja is a legendary folding knife. For the first time in History, a folding knife was considered as the poor man sword in a country were sword fencing was the highest art. Actually they were three schools in fencing: the French, the Italian and the Spanish school. In Spain however, everybody were encouraged to be armed with a sword at the end of the 15th century. It was the time of Isabelle de Castille (born a 22nd of april) and Ferdinand II d’Aragon who both were in charge of the greatest occidental power of that time.

Early navajas were not much smaller than swords

La Navaja was the first Tactical Folding Knife. It was born in the 16th century in Andalusia for one main purpose—fighting. For the first time a folding knife was not made as a tool but as a weapon. James Loriega, wrote two great books…

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Spyderco Pingo – Do NOT mess with the Danish Cookie


In those days of tactical fever.
In those days of fears.
In this last day after the End of the World.
This is the time to change all the rules.

For the first time , Spyderco is releasing a folding knife with a hole in a blade which is like a blue carrot’s salad for a sniper: useless.
A folder with a hole in the blade so tiny it will only catch germs….


The Pingo is a collaborative effort of Danish knifemakers Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes. This knife was specifically designed to conform to the knife laws of Denmark, which prohibit both lock-blade folding knives and all forms of one-hand-opening knives.

(I love copy and paste… from there.)

OK now I’m currently carrying a Spyderco Techno. I love this little dwarven titanium folder but the Pingo ???

The handle looks well thought. The blade is…

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Spyderco Sage II – The Wise Choice


Sage II and Tie Millie

And if the alternative of the a Tie Millie was not a Tie Paramilitary (which is not yet born) but the SC123TIP: the Spyderco Sage II ?

The Sage line is a collection made in Taiwan (now a high quality of execution guarantee). and “represents Spyderco’s 30-year pledge to knife crafting and learning to make better knives at every available opportunity. The plan is to offer an ongoing series of Sage Folders with many of the different and ingenious locking devices and mechanisms the knife industry has to offer.” (sic)

The Sage I was a carbon fiber handle linerlock, an hommage to Michael Walker. The Sage II is a titanium handle integral lock, an hommage to Chris Reeve.

Let’s give a quick look at the design of that folder: not to big, flat, beautiful lines, taking in consideration a lot of Spyderco unique improvements — the wire clip, the choil…

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All Archives in NKR are now in HD for all the photography.

Since the knife2.com plagiarism attempt, I have decided to be harder to copy and paste for Chinese knockoff selling sites !
All the archives and previous posts are now in stunning HD for the images.
Revisiting the past by scrolling the menu on the left side.
And get back to the Golden Age of Tactical Cutlery in Nemo Knives Review !

Found here actually:

Plagiarism and Knife2.com stealing content from Nemo Knives Review.

A young 19-year-old Teddy Roosevelt at Harvard, 1877.

Learn why stealing Nemo Knives Review content is not flattery. Reblogging Nemo Knives Review’s content without permission is not OK. In fact, plagiarism, taking Nemo Sandman’s work and passing it off as yours, is illegal and unethical. You also cannot ‘borrow’ copyrighted material from Nemo Knives Review. Is that clear Knife2 ? Because your site “Knife2.com” is just a place fueled by 100% plagiarism.

Note: For that quick article on plagiarism I’m have been stealing myself from a wonderful article on plagiarism by Keith M. Parsons. Thanks to his anger which has helped me to produce (copy and paste) that very very quick article to try to stop “knife2.com” from copying and paste and systematically stealing my works and replace my very name by their signature “knife2”.
And you know what ? It worked !! Knife2 has copied and paste the very articles which were reacting to their plagiarism of nemo knives review.
Here is its link or Keith M. Parsons (Philosopher, historian, author; Professor of Philosophy at University of Houston-Clear Lake) great article:


from the Tampographe Sardon

1) Plagiarism from knife2.com shows contempt for other bloggers. Most bloggers work hard for their articles. They burn the midnight oil, balancing jobs, kids, spouses, and the thousand-and-one other demands on everybody’s time. But Knife2.com are bastards, douchbags who are stealing bloggers works.

Knife2.com doesn’t work hard and sacrifice. As plagiarists they let Nemo Knives Review do the hard work and they just copy it and get the reward. If knife2 get by with their plagiarism, they get good content without any work. Cheating like knife2.com has many advantages over honesty. It has so many advantages that cheating for knife2.com might just become a habit. If plagiarists like knife2.com can rationalize cheating, they won’t have too much trouble excusing themselves for cheating on spouses, employers, or the IRS. They might just cheat their way into divorce, unemployment, or jail.

From the Tampographe Sardon

2) Plagiarism is theft. When knife2.com takes Nemo Knives Review’s work and present it as their own, knife2 is stealing from Nemo Sandman. And it is a particularly odious kind of stealing. Believe it or not, blogging work is hard. You have to spend long years learning abstruse things and mastering difficult skills.
You are expected to publish, and every published work is like the tiny tip of an iceberg, with a vast bulk of reading, thinking, and painstaking composition below the surface. When, after years of preparation, delayed gratification, and intense, focused work, you do produce some publications, what is your reward? Money? Hah! Your reward is the honor of others — scholars and students — who read your work and credit you for teaching them something and making their intellectual lives richer.
Keith M. Parsons 

from the Tampographe Sardon

Those, like knife2.com who steal your intellectual productions from Nemo Knives Review for their own unearned benefit steal something far more valuable than one who merely steals your wide-screen TV.
Plagiarists steals your dedication, your sacrifice, your creativity, your intelligence, your passion, and your love and inspiration — not to mention your sweat and tears. And why do they treat you with such contempt? Because they are too lazy or apathetic to do the work for themselves. They do not even have the excuse of poverty or drug addiction. They do it because they just can’t be bothered.
Keith M. Parsons

3) Finally, and worst of all, knife2.com debase the whole blogging process.
The pursuit of knowledge is one of the highest and purest of human goods. At rock bottom, and for all their faults, universities are dedicated to the discovery and transmission of knowledge. Aristotle was once right: Learning is part of the basic purpose of human life. Further, knowledge is intrinsically good, good for its own sake, whether it produces any material gain or not. The pursuit of knowledge is therefore a high, noble, and beautiful ideal.
Keith M. Parsons

The Tampographe Sardon extraordinary work

Knife2.com as the bloody plagiarists the are, spit in the eye of that ideal and drags it through the mud. For the plagiarists like knife2, academic requirements are just a hoop to jump through or an impediment in the way. Being required to think and write for yourself is absolutely essential for the pursuit of knowledge. But plagiarists like knife2.com aren’t interested in knowledge as stated Keith M. Parsons in his article.

from the Tampographe Sardon

Also I have received that “letter” from knife2.com in the comments (it is not a personal message but destined to be displayed in the comments of my blog…. no chance !):

As you can notice, replacing my name by their name (and stealing very personal articles like Jur’s Funeral) was only some kind of “borrowing” ?!
No, this is untrue. This was just simple building their site by stealing copyrighted materials. So we know now that knife2.com are not only thieves but also liars.
All the stolen material are sgtill on line on their filthy site which mixed so many stolen articles from different sites, some are even from 2017, some got religious matter and many are giving advice which are scams… They also sale very low quality knives made in China for false discount (like 100 dollars instead of 300 dollars for a knife which can be bought for 10 dollars on Aliexpress…).
So, content from my site has not been removed despite my google copyright removal action:

“Plagiarism insults my intelligence. There is a scene in The Godfather where Al Pacino, playing the part of Michael Corleone, confronts a turncoat. He says “Don’t tell me that you are innocent. That insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.” That is precisely my reaction when I catch someone plagiarizing.”
Keith M. Parsons 

from the Tampographe Sardon

A GOOD THING IS: I have copied all the informations as they are providing for once their email address where they can be contacted. This is valuable also for all the others bloggers to be able to get in touch with that enterprise of thieves and to reclaim their own articles back.
rankspy@163.com” would be the address to reach them and ask them to stop. For the last week I did not have that luxury. All my attempts for one week to contact “knife2.com” owner were impossible to achieve (no email, no contact on their site, they were impossible to reach…).
Now you got their email: “rankspy@163.com
“rankspy”….They even announce they could be spies from China…..
They are not the sharpest tools in the Chinese box.

I REALLY don’t want that kind of subscriber, really, lurking in the dark, waiting to copy and paste my work.

Easy to “remove”, huh ? It is done.

The Tampographe Sardon genius work

Again if they had NOT replaced all author’s names (from all blogs article, not only mine) by “knife2” in every single article they had stolen, they could have been forgiven.
I don’t forgive petty liars and won’t forget their shameless plagiarism, keeping an eye on their site, if it still exists as it seems Google was not really happy too about their filthy behavior.

Edit: the Chinese Connection.
knife2.com have now changed their domain into “knifespy.com” …
A site selling Chinese knife crap. Eventually they were perhaps Chinese spies ? The domain 163.com directly lead to the People Republic of China !!! All their references now are the worst Made In China crappy low quality knives sold for hundred of dollars, like the infamous chef knife with a hole in the blade (a knife with no heat treatment and a HRC of less than 48…..) or “TAC” Predator knives. LOL.Not fantasy knives, nightmare knives… eventually they were Chinese people spying from Utah….
They can run but cannot hide. Once a thief… always a thief, selling now garbage. Looking forward their next site “knifethief.com”… At least the world will know what they are doing on the Internet.
Anyway, here is their contact for getting your property back:

Article signed by Nemo Sandman with the copied and pasted words and inspiration from Keith M. Parsons,( please forgive me, sir, but it seemed that fighting fire with fire was a good idea against thieves, liars and scammers from knife2.com.)

copyright the Tampographe Sardon

Nemo Knives Reviews articles are stolen by knife2.com known as “the theft for Knives”.

Proof “knife2” is now the shown as the author of my articles.

This articles are not written by “knife2” but by “Nemo” from nemoknivesreview.com.
Because for a months now, a blog based in UTAH name as “knife2.com” is systematically stealing Nemo Knives Review articles for its own benefits.

Jur’s funeral article stolen with a creepy death head generated.

Even Jur’s funeral post has been stolen… This is a very personal article not for total strangers to copy and paste it on their own blog.
Also original Nemo Knives Review’s photographs (even when marked for copyrights) are copied and displayed on knife2.com without permission.

I have asked to WordPress to help us but as knife2.com is not a wordpress blog, they could not help.
So I have contacted Google for this pirating to be noticed.

Google’s removal Dashboard – More pages has been add since that screen copy.

And you know what ? I really hope knife2.com will steal that article too.
As they are not only stealing from Nemo Knives Review but from many blogs about knives they can find, I do hope this will be a heads up for my fellow bloggers.
So don’t uphold thieves and plagiarists, read the original articles on nemoknivesreview.com not on the stolen material stolen without authorization on the crappy site of knife2.com
So this article is not written by “knife2” but by Nemo from nemoknivesreview.com !
And pardon my English but Knife2 is not the “zest for knives” but just the “theft for knives”.

Edit: they have stolen that article too. I think they don’t understand what they are stealing. hence the Chinese connection is this other article.

(c) Le Tampographe Sardon

RIP Jur….

This is a very sad news as Jur (Monsieur Spyderco for Europe) has left us last Friday, the 22nd of April.

Our condolences go to Martien and all his family.

The funeral was today.

For two decades, Jur was a close friend of mine and an enthousiastic partner in the sharpest crimes. His knowledge of the world cutlery was as keen as his blades. He was so full of energy, generous in sharing his knowledge and knives…

Also, Jur was a true and real gentleman.

He was always running, going fast forward like his time was running out, so maybe it was time, to turn the ship around and find some peace for his soul.

RIP my dear friend.

Nemo Sandman

Spyderco is deeply saddened to announce that our European Sales Representative, Jurphaas van Rietschoten, passed away on April 22, 2022. A native of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and a retired Chief Master Sergeant/Warrant Officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Jur began representing Spyderco in 1994. In the 28 years since then, he has been a critically important element of our international sales efforts and the “face” of Spyderco in Europe.

Jur had an amazing historical knowledge of Spyderco and of knives in general. The passion and enthusiasm he brought to his work was a direct reflection of his incredible zest for life and his genuine love of people. Fluent in several languages, he was also an expert interpreter whose unique style and spirit shined through in everything he did and every life he touched. Jur was truly one of a kind and the Spyderco Family will never be the same without him.

To all those who knew Jur, we ask that you please take a moment to wish him peace and remember him in your own way. We know that your friendship meant the world to him, just as he meant the world to us.

From The Edge To The Point Since 1995

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