Spyderco Grey Kapara C241GPGY, the 20CV Version DLT Exclusive has landed.

The beautiful/gorgeous Kapara got an exclusive version.
Kuddos to DLT Trading and Alistair !
Exit the carbon fiber handle, enter the grey G10, beautifully 3D honed and the CPM20CV alloy blade.
Strangely it feels a little bit heavier, than the previous version, in the hand and it is pleasant. Well it feels more dense than the carbon fiber’s version.

Oh, I have been waiting for that upgrade version of the “Life Saver” since 2017. Here was my previous review:

And patience was the name of the game. It was sold out in 24 hours and eventually, it has taken 21 days to reach Paris. Flying under the radar has a cost…

First thing first. That Kapara factory’s edge was just a perfect razor but the geometry was not at the same level as…. the Manly‘s…
Some gaffer to protect the knife from scratches and diamonds get into play. The idea is not to touch the factory edge which is perfect but just to erase the edge’s shoulder by gently convexing.
As usual…

After 20 minutes, I was able to be polish on leather.
CPM20CV is known to be easy to polish.
Now let’s go in the kitchen:

The tomatoe’s skin is a great test also flying hairs on my arm…
Radish were just too easy.
But this is a knife made for fruits, so it is very precise as an office knife. It is also very stainless. No fear to use it in the sink and in the water.

Eventually the knife was able to cut through the bottle’s but.

So, now, let’s the game begins, more to come soon.

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