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Flytanium on Cruwear PM2 – a sweet customization

Disassembling the Cruwear Knifecenter edition has been a child play once I have found how to use some pliers to keep some rounds spacers from turning by gripping them. Eventually, the Flytanium scales are perfectly adjusted. No surprises at all. The action is as…

Tuscan Raider #2 – cheese and wine, boar, scorpion and Delica.

For now this post has only been edited on my smartphone. It’s more of a journal kind and some thoughts I wanted to share. It is the occasion also to share some pics of knives being used. Once arrived in Tuscany one of the…

Team Cuscadi new Carbon Fibers Scale on K390 Urban.

Why the change ? After my Urban review I wanted a smoother experience. And give a more precious apparence. Carbon fiber is a really sturdy material and twenty years ago you could only find it in Formula One and jetfighters. The feel under the…

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