QSP Penguin D2 – The WOW Effect Cheap Wharncliffe WOrkhorse Of Excellence

How a 26 dollars Chinese folder would behave when I usually EDC a mighty Spyderco Swayback which is sold… 10 times the Penguin’s price ?

OK. Let’ try it. The order was made through Massdrop and the knife has arrived some weeks later. The QSP box is well made and thick.

The knife looks very well made. The action is smooth… That denim micarta is so nice !
Wait a minute ?
What is this company’s name again ?
“QSP is located in YangJiang where is known as its knife industry. QSP team has been in the line of OEM/ODM knives manufacturing for more than 10 years. We have decided to created our own brand ” QSP ” in 2017.

QSP stands for Quality, Service, Price. There are 2 series for choice: BUDGET FRIENDLY and PREMIUM SERIES. QSP knife is adopted precision working procedures, such as water jet, vacuum heat treatment, CNC machining, CNC grinding…etc. Each QSP knife has been seriously inspected before shipping.

Talking about quality: that blade is perfectly centered as you can notice. Talking about engineering: the construction is completely open and there is no back spacer: so easy to clean.
Wait a minute: the liners are not skeletonized: VERY easy to clean.

This is a knife you want to use in all dirty situations possible with zero after thoughts.
But look again at those liners how smoothed and shiny they are ?
Much attention on a “cheap” knife.

Even compared to a mightly powerful Yojimbo 2: the QSP folder has almost as much edge length in a much smaller package.

Beautiful micarta slabs, just gritty enough to be pleasant and secure in my hand. Perfectly centered blade. All angled chamfered…
For once I don’t have to do it myself. Should I say it again: 26 dollars !!!

It feels solid in my hands. There is no Ricasso but a sharpening choil but a little quillon is available to avoid any cuts when closing the blade: very clever engineering.

As you can noticed it cuts through plastic bottle butt with ease.

See how clever the design of the deep carry clip is.
You can put it on each side of the knife.
I only regret flat heads screws which would have made that clip design perfect.

The screws are already positioned on the other side. Again look at those polished liners. The more polished the less they would rust.
A workhorse well designed again.

The liner is perfectly engaged. Steel liners wear more slow slowly than titanium liners.

The blade is high saber flat ground as I was able to scratch it much too much easily but convexing is also easily made.

In fact the Penguin’s blade screams to be convexed or zero ground.
The D2 steel is air hardening a tough cookie and the favorite of many hunting knives makers like Bob Dozier: its edge is naturally toothy and a coarse finish is prefered to cut into flesh and skin. Mine has been polished on leather and it is really cutting well ! I’m surprised how hungry the edge feels under the thumb.
The advantage of Wharncliffe blades is that you mostly wear the point when cutting on hard materials, so the sharp edge is suppose to stay sharp for a longer time.

It is a great companion in the kitchen not the best like a Spydiechef but it is honest. It feels great in the hand, a little on the heavy side but it is pleasant. I really enjoy the feel of the micarta. This is really a knife you can use in the garden, in the kitchen, with your toolbox.
The action is incredibly smooth and you also use two hands to open it around sheeples (non knife people). The stubs catch the thumb with some edge on them: so the opening is easy. The detent is a little on the hard side making the blade flying open like an assisted opener.

The Penguin is also very much the knife you want to carry when someone needs a knife and you don’t want to handle them your favorite 300 dollars titanium toy. The best thing with the Penguin is looking at your friend using it and be amazed. Then when you mention the price of it… this is the second effect.

So what do we got here ? A very well engineered folding knife with high quality control for the price of 3 packets of cigarettes ?
This is not a bargain: this is a must have !
Kuddos QSP for that great move.

I have contacted them and their were gentle enough to answer me fast during the week end:

“Currently, we have 7 versions of Penguin for choice, i.e.
QS130-A : D2 blade, brown texture micarta handle

QS130-B : D2 blade, denim micarta handle
QS130-C : D2 blade, green micarta handle
QS130-D : D2 blade, red micarta handle
QS130-E : D2 blade, CF overlay G10 handle
QS130-F: D2 blade, brass handle
QS130-G : D2 black stonewashed blade, brass handle
We are now thinking about a premium version in 154CM blade and Titanium handle.”

I know there is a S35VN version made as an exclusive, though but all sold out for now but QSP assured me there will more in March 2021.

So, more to come as I intend to use the Penguin hard.

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