The McBee is one of the smallest Spyderco ever produced but as they said “Proof positive that function is a matter of design, not size.” It is in the Dog Tag size. Jan Dirk has written about his Dog Tag here.
Go figure the McBee got only a 39mm blade !
It really looks like someone has snapped the tip off your knife at first.
After all it is what the quartermasters used to do aboard their ship to prevent the use of sailors knives for fighting. After all this another of Geoffrey’s knife and he is running a diver shop. (www.normandeep.fr). He is a Sailor too.

The Reeve Integral Lock is almost an overkill for such a short designed tool, but it works well. As you can notice its open back makes it a breeze to clean.
I have found the clip very stiff and hard to pass on the lip of a pocket. But at least it is securely clipped.

Once held, it is looks two fingers knife. The ricasso creates a natural guard and the McBee is anchored to your hand by the index and the major. Now you just need to twist it and…

Voilà !
This is the way to hold it and to use it. Now it is a three fingers knife. The Index is resting on the spine of the blade and the handle is held by the major finger and the ring finger, thumb on the side near the pivot.
As you can notice every finger are falling naturally in place.
Now it works great. Powerful slashes, here we go !
This is a knife which works like a boxcutter: the point and the first centimeter of the blade will be in use.
It can zip along cardboard with force like a good short wharncliffe will.
Since the Yojimbo or the Swayback, will all know how powerful those straight edges can be.

Does it mean the McBee can also cut on a board ?
Of course !

If it was my own knife, I would have thinned that CTS XHP edge a little more. The Swayback got a thinner more aggressive geometry and the McBee desserves the best.

See how this little guy is well designed ?
It is a real capable little working knife and a true titanium jewell too !


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