FARID K2 – No Rest For The Wick2d

Spyderco Farid K2

This is a big knife but it has found its place in my pocket. The flat design makes it easy to carry and forget in your pocket. Also the single screw clip makes a beautiful print like a much smaller knife. this is deceptive and it works great.

Now the thin edge has proven its power in push cutting. The handle is not the most confortable but this is the price for a flat design. On that matter the Pekka Tuominen Nilakka is the king: thick and confortable handle with a thin edge. Anyway the K2 is a very powerful knife. The curves of the very thin edge help a lot. Also the weight behind the edge helps a lot. My K2 has been used for light chopping chores and it works great. This is another dimension of use which is going to be explore with the coming Tatanka. The wide blade of the K2 got enough momentum to cut deep. Really wide like a folding little machette.

Another great asset is how the knife is easy to clean and rinse under the tap. This is a great plus for hunters and cooks.
Mine has even fall on concrete and got no marks.

The edge is resistant to plate also. Mine has not rolled after some strong cuts on harder materials. The blade is also enough pointy to be used like a fork… Mine has stained but they have been removed with some compound. I haven’t kept the blade clean at all for a month now. So stains can happen. no big deal.

The K2 has proven also to be female friendly. It has been used around the table for cheese, bread and various desserts. The shape of the blade makes it easy to use with efficiency.
Also the smoothness of the action has been noticed by many handlers in my family. They feel immediately at ease with this massive blade. And they notice how thin the blade is.
Well I’m lucky to have it still ! 🙂

SPyderco Farid K2

The butt of the bottle is parted in two.

Delicate chorizo. The long blade and the thin edge give an efficient sawing motion which only needs the weight of the knife to cut through.

Huge mortadella !!

This is the kind of cheese which needs a longer blade.

Frosen forest white chocolate ice cream has been a match as some biscuits are hidden inside.

It looked easy but eventually it was a mess.

I was able to cut through it with my Ikea VG10 Chef Knife by pushing with handle and the blade with all my weight…
Ice is a tough material, even with a hot knife. 🙂


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