MKM Clap – Bob Terzuola’s Italian EDC.


I have bought that folder in Bruxelles. I was attracted by the steel and the style. I love Bob Terzuola’s design and he was the master who has taught to Sal Glesser (Spyderco) and Les de Asis (Benchmade) how to make a good liner lock.
From those lessons were produced the BM800 AFCK and the C36 Military.
So where does MKM Knives come from ?
MKM is a merge between Viper, LionSteel, Fox and Mercury.
They all come from Maniago, Northern Italy. The knife capital of the south of Europe. MKM stands for Maniago Knife Makers. This MKM Clap is made by LionSteel.

The MKM Clap is a delicate gentleman’s knife, designed by Bob Terzuola. Everything is smooth about it. All corners are rounded. It is even branded on its blue spacer.

And you open it with the flipper that you can remove if you want to look like a gentleman and open the knife with two hands. After all, this knife comes with a torx key. As such the MKM Clap suddenly becomes a knife you open with two hands making it legal in many places in Europe. Because of the ball bearings around the pivot the action is smooth.

When opened the blade is locked by a linerlock. Beautiful details are the blue collar around the pivot, the blue backspacer and the blue pocket clip.


Beautiful titanium clip, huh ?

It is in the size of a gentleman folder easily compared to the Fulcrum Falcon.

The Falcon is much more ergonomic as you can notice. Curved are good to the hand. The Clap is designed by Maestro Terzuola. He knows how to make straight feels like curves.

The shape of the blade is breath-taking. A drop point shape with harpoon fin on the spine and a compound grind with fuller. Quite the mouth full, but in reality it is a combination of cool shapes and features you rarely see together. But I hated the transition between the flatground point and the hollowground… so I have worked on it. To be continued.


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