Casio: Classic Atomic Square to Titanium Black Stealth Wealth.

Here is my Orange pictured here in Canterbury the 11th of November 2011…

That GMW5600 Orange, I brought it back from NYC (bought Friday the 13th of may 2011)… It was my first Tough Solar Multiband6 Square.
I love the watch so much I bought later the combi bracelet from Keith. It immediately replaced my much loved GW2000, an aviator Gravity Master totally analog.
I was stunned by its crisp display, and its Art Deco case which goes so well with Manhattan architecture.
Funny thing I bought it only for 75 dollars, half the price. The seller in China Town had mixed up with another one (a GW6900), not solar and not atomic. Lucky me.
10 years ago, that Square was then my main working watch.
My Orange was not a Lemon. 😉

In my field of work then, I was obliged to write down “time stamps” a lot through the day, so, the digital display was perfect for that. Easier than analog hands. Also the GWM5600 was ultra light on the wrist and not as bulky as my usual G’s. I could not noticed it under the sleeve.

Also I love the big digits. Before STN technology, they were very crisp.
The atomic feature was able to sync every night in NYC and of course back in Europe even when worn.
The stopwatch was able time up to 24 hours with no current time display. (This issue will be corrected 7 years later with the GMWB5000)
The countdown timer is only a 60 minutes but:
1- you got the time displayed.
2- you immediately (at a glance) notice this is the CDT by its display and its 1/10 digits running backward.
Certainly I would have love another timer with a 99 hours amplitude. But I have found this 60 minutes 1/10 of sec CDT very enjoyable to use and loud enough.
So I may be one of the only happy users of this 60 min CDT. But again a 24hours CDT without the time displayed in the small windows would have not been as useful as this one.
(This issue will also be corrected 7 years later with the GMWB5000)

The Tick Tox’s composite bracelet has always been a must for that kind of watch. So confortable ! Now on the new GMWB5600 they are easy to find but back in 2011, you were obliged to order them apart in the UK.

The matte part were metallic and the checked part were resin.
The 3159 module can be found in a bunch of Solat Atomic squares even on the Japanese Domestic Market GW5000 with DLC screwback.I really loved that GWM5600 which was a near perfect tool watch for my use !
So much I have been using later GW5000’s and GMW-B5000, the steel Squares. Very low profile high quality G’s.
On module 3159, the level of battery is displayed, but this is not the case on the new Squares, which are using a Bluetooth App for monitoring. The new Squares also got the time displayed in their 24 hours countdown timer and this is really handy. The steel versions of those new Squares also got STN LCD and screwback Diamond Like Coated (DLC) cases.

The solar tech mastered by Casio is a no brainer. It works and it works for much longer time than any battery.
E.g. my old Raysman from 1998 is still alive of kicking. It is 23 years old. The case’s resin has rotten but it is still works.
So this is a reliable tech on the very long run.

Not pictred but after two hours bathing in the sun it was back to 75% charge.

Here is my GMW-B5000G1. The backlight is now a LCD.
On the Orange it was still a “Indiglo” technology.

G-Shock are ultra solid even if some people are afraid, shampoo and soap could ruin them… A recent destruction test has pushed a cheap G-Shock until 800 meters deep with no damage. The glass has broken at 1200 meters.

In the G-Shock realm, Squares are true classics. Not too bulky. Accepted on every wrist, even George Clooney wears a GW-5600 in the Coen Brothers’s Movie “Burn After Reading”.

I have been wearing “Squares” since 1983 actually.
Real tool watch. You wear them and forget about them.
Atomic time is assuring you to have exact time on your wrist as the watch manage to contact an atomic clock every night.
The fun thing is also, at night the watch falls asleep. This power saving feature makes it very “alive”. If the solar panel detects zero light and it is late, it goes to saving mode.

I have had the chance to try on a GWM-5000 all Titanium at the G-Shock Store in Paris in January 2020. But I could not imagine spending 1600 euros in a Square (back on that later). Its main difference, without taking count of the all titanium construction is a sapphire crystal and a glossy bezel. (The B5000G1 is exactly the opposite: matte bezel and glossy case…)
Gorgeous Titanium Black but too much expensive to respect the “tool watch” concept of Kikuo Ibe I said to myself.
Here are the wrist shots of my squares through the years for comparaison:
The Orange, The GW5000 Black, The GW5000 Vanilla, the GMW-B5000D Silver, The Titanium GMWB5000TB-1 (tried in shop) and the GMW-B5000G1 all black with positive display.

Like the Orange, the GW5000 or the B500G1 got that low profile, that black robe which makes it stealthy with a clear and crispy positive display.
It goes back to the root of the very very first G: a black digital tool watch, low profile and hard as nails.

EDITED 17th October – 2nd of November 2021

My encounter with the Titanium Graal:
Eventually I have found a rare deal of Titanium version in La Samaritaine Casio Corner. 40% of 1590 euros !!

Lancelot is a famous knight which had the opportunity to seize the Holy Graal but decided he was not worthy and let it go. Eventually it is his son Galahad which will bring the Graal.

The same happen to me yesterday as a Casio Lancelot… 😉

For a Sunday’s walk we had decided to go to the rue de Rivoli and visit, again, La Samaritaine. A famous store in Paris closed for almost 20 years and opened after a huge restoration by LVMH.
This is a place for Panerai and Hublot watch but in a hidden plan (two actually) they are G-Shocks.
Looking at them I have found some Full Metal Square but the price surprised me. In fact they were discount them at 40% and one of the was the GMW-B5000-TB1 !

I always dreamed to have the chance to found one at a more affordable price. Be careful at what you wish ! Because it happens.
And there I am contemplating my graal.

As it was a display watch, I took my time to look at it closely as they were looking for the original box and papers and could not put their hands on it.

The TB has been in my hand for almost one hour. I had the chance to weight it, scrutinize it in all angles.

And I have discovered it felt so delicate. Like a Elvish jewel. It was really refined with its glossy bezel and golden screws and buttons. The first links of its bracelet (those which are “stuck” into the case) are as thin as all the other links when my Old Guard’s are much thicker even massive !
The lightness, the shining details all of that made a very “white shirt” object when what I love in G-Shocks is their “blue shirts” vibes.

I prefer the Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile to the Spectre’s Austin Martin if you catch my drift. I want my G-Shocks to be stealth and massive when others may prefer shiny and light.
I want my G-Shock to be thick like forged by Dwarves not to feel and look like a thin bracelet worn by Legolas. 😉

So I had to let her go and warned my fellow G-Shocker where to find it.
To each their own I said to myself.

(Not my picture)

So I have left for 10 days after warning some friends on F17 on Watchuseek about that great deal.
I went back to the store and the Titanium Black was still there with that great discount.

Now the Queen of “Stealth Wealth” was on my wrist for good. 🙂
And it was time to do deeper researches about that (production start in October 2019 and has stopped in December 2019).

According to Mrs Miho Nishimura from Casio, it was necessary to create a new mold dedicated to titanium and all a new production line has been established, so this model is made with fairly high treatment.

It is true under the touch, the feel of the case and bezel are more sharp, it is really different compared to “normal” full steel square I have owned.

According to Mr Izumi from Casio they have used double surface hardening technology of DLC plus deep hardening treatment. The same DLC as used on PR-G top of line Casio (some are at 6000 euros).

All her coloring is reproducing the original DW-5000C-1B from 1983.

It is much more subdue and stealthy than any other G I have worn but perhaps the GW5000B all black. But that last was really not easy to read as the display was not STN (Super-twisted nematic display).

I have been tempted to put the titanium case in a steel armor but the charm of the full titanium was also lacking.

After all the “tour de force” of making a case, a bezel and a bracelet all DLC coated Titanium is all the idea behind that design.

Here is a list of my Casio watches through the years:

2021 Casio GMW-B5000-TB1
2021 Casio GMW-B5000G-1ER
2018 Casio GMW-B5000D-1ER
2018 Casio PRW-7000-3ER
2018 Casio GPW-2000-3A
2016 Casio GW5000
2016 Casio GWN-Q1000-7AJF
2015 Casio GPW-1000T
2015 Casio GWN-1000C
2014 Casio PAW-1500T
2014 Casio GW-5000B-1JR
2014 Casio PRW-6000Y-1ER
2014 Casio GW-3000B-2AJF
2013 Casio GW-9400-1JF
2013 Casio GWA1100-1JF
2013 Casio GD-350
2012 Casio GW-2500-1B
2011 Casio PRW-2000-7T
2011 Casio GWM5600-0R
2010 Casio GW-2000-1AER
2008 Casio G-7710-1ER
2004 Casio UW-503 Memory 100 1990
1998 Casio DW-9300 Raysman
1997 Casio DW-6500 Skyforce
1996 Casio DW-6600
1994 Casio CPW-200 COMPASS
1993 Casio CPW-100 COMPASS
1992 Casio DW-6100
1991 Casio ALT6000
1990 Casio VDB100 (black) Touch Screen
1989 Casio JP-100 Pulse check
1986 Casio RW-100 Rotary Switch
1985 Casio DBC-610
1983 Casio DW-1000


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