SPyderco C41YL5 Native® 5 Salt® – Hyper Polyvalent Summer Knife or Best EDC Ever ?

My love for the Native exists since 1997.
I have written many reviews about its different life but since the Native 5 Lightweight, I have been waiting for the right blade/steel combo to write again about it.
Here we go, again, with pleasure.

Being spoiled by REX45 wonders and all the spring runs and supreme designs unleashed by the Golden Spydermen, I habe bought a Native 5 Salt just in case.
And kept it in its box.

LC200N, the heart of its blade, it not a new comer for me. Being reviewed on the Spydiechef

and the Siren,

it is “that” good.
I mean who would not dream of a rustproof alloy with great edge retention and toughness ?
First time I have held a Lightweight Native, I have been baffled by the engineering tour de force. It was almost a decade ago. So light (that the purpose) but also so solid: zero play, vertical or horizontal and smooooth.
But I love heavy EDC like the PPT. I was more attracted by full liners Natives.
Here is my review ten years ago:

And its CPM110V Carbon Fiber Sprint Run

So for the first time, with that Native Salt I was carrying and discovering the lightweight Native on an EDC basis.

First thing I did not like was the clip. So I have ordered a titanium black one to Blade4sell (which seems to be renamed Screw4you now) on the Bay.

Second thing: the yellow handle (sorry, the injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced-nylon handle) feels like it was made by Lego. It is blocky. Eventually it has grown on me. Compared to the beautiful smooth Kapara, the handle of the lightweight Native is anchored in my hand even with wet or greasy fingers and palm. This is a huge plus in the workhorse/easily indexing department.

The general lightness and great balance is also phenomenal on that knife. It disappears in your pocket. It is now my main choice as a travelling knife replacing my good old Manix 2 Lightweight aka the 100 bucks wonder.

Of course the Native Salt can be used as a diving folding knife, especially in its serrated version. It is another “don’t bother to clean me” knife like only Spyderco is able to propose.
You can take it to the beach: salt and sand won’t jam it.
No need to rinse.
That’s always amazing me. My very first diving knife 40 years ago was orange with rust after only one dive.
The Yellow color also is great to spot it under water and it so sheeple friendly, I have named my Salt: Pastis !!

Of course I have convexed the edge to suit my needs.
LC200N heat-treated by Spyderco is not bringing a chipping edge. The Native is already known to be a great cutting tool with great ergonomy, it is just my personal touch.

It is one of my favorite short locking blades:

The locking mechanism is easy to operate with zero play. This is a luxury in the lockback / backlock systems with smooth free fall blade once release. Smooth !
Golden seems to have a special knack with their Native lockbacks in term of tolerance and engineering. Great job !

So what do we got there ?
A lightweight knife with a hyper solid locking mechanism and impervious to the elements.
It is a knife destined to follow you to the edge of the world !
The Native 5 Salt is an instant classic.
Perfect EDC or even better: ACEdc.
All Conditions Every Day Carry.


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