Since I got my Para3 Lightweight I have noticed some lateral play.
With time the situation was getting worse and I was not enjoying the knife anymore.
When I have discover through a picture posted on the Spyderco Fan club France that there were some possibilities to improve the situation:
UK Based Heinnie Hayes was selling a titanium kit made by Titech:


As always the service at Heinni’s has been prompt and fast and 5 days later the kit has arrived.

It is really well thought. Two bronze washers were even add as bonus. (With the one inside the Para3, it made 3 and you use 2.) Spacers and titanium slabs fit perfectly and all was done easily.
The centering was made by adjusting the tension of the stop pin and you can find the “sweet spot” easily by taking your time.

The Para3 lightweight is now heavier than my Para3 Maxamet but there is no more play in any direction. The titanium got nice rounded edges like the Lightweight version which is much more ergonomic and the stone washed is gorgeous. There is now a very solid feel with the knife, especially on the lateral forces.
All in all I’m very happy with this Titech Scales kit which gives another life to one of my favorite Spyderco’s design.

As you can notice my old Exclusive Red Para3 needed a good cleaning anyway.


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