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Benchmade 200 Puukko – Call me Snake.

This is the first Benchmade’s review for a long time. Why ? Not because of the quality of Les De Asis company’s products but because I was not really excited by their production in the last decade after a huge love with their AFCK…

Bark River Knives – Canadian Special CPM3V – Lord of the Forest

This a first glimpse at a new acquisition: the Canadian Special has been designed by Mike Stewart owner of Bark River Knives and it is his favorite knife of this size. It’s his own version of the famous Canadian skinner D.H. Russell Canadian Belt…

BRKT (Bark River Knives & Tools) Bravo 1 Field Knife CPM3V – The Convexed Bushcrafter

I have received this knife for my B Day from The Knife Connection. (Excellent service as always.) This is the version without the “Hump” and I have chosen a weatherproof leather sheath. “…a genuine Bark River Sheath features heavy, top grain cow hide leather…

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