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Nemo Knives Reviews articles are stolen by knife2.com known as “the theft for Knives”.

Proof “knife2” is now the shown as the author of my articles.

This articles are not written by “knife2” but by “Nemo” from nemoknivesreview.com.
Because for a months now, a blog based in UTAH name as “knife2.com” is systematically stealing Nemo Knives Review articles for its own benefits.

Jur’s funeral article stolen with a creepy death head generated.

Even Jur’s funeral post has been stolen… This is a very personal article not for total strangers to copy and paste it on their own blog.
Also original Nemo Knives Review’s photographs (even when marked for copyrights) are copied and displayed on knife2.com without permission.

I have asked to WordPress to help us but as knife2.com is not a wordpress blog, they could not help.
So I have contacted Google for this pirating to be noticed.

Google’s removal Dashboard – More pages has been add since that screen copy.

And you know what ? I really hope knife2.com will steal that article too.
As they are not only stealing from Nemo Knives Review but from many blogs about knives they can find, I do hope this will be a heads up for my fellow bloggers.
So don’t uphold thieves and plagiarists, read the original articles on nemoknivesreview.com not on the stolen material stolen without authorization on the crappy site of knife2.com
So this article is not written by “knife2” but by Nemo from nemoknivesreview.com !
And pardon my English but Knife2 is not the “zest for knives” but just the “theft for knives”.

Edit: they have stolen that article too. I think they don’t understand what they are stealing. hence the Chinese connection is this other article.

(c) Le Tampographe Sardon