Le Pointu – Born in Massalia

Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier

Here it is: the D2 Deluxe version of Le Pointu (The Pointy) named after a emblematic boat of Marseilles (known as Massalia for 2500 years!).
The blade is in D2 Tool Steel, the action is smooth, the lockup is solid. This is a great EDC tool, extra flat and chisel ground.
A knife made to be shipple friendly, easy to open and close just by pushing the blade with the thumb.

Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
Elegance and strenght in a featherweight package. This is unique offer in the cutlery world where form follow function.

Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
My wife has already adopted the Olive Wood version of Le Pointu. It’s a true mix of hightech design and Provencal natural roots.
Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
This is a framelock !
Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
Mine got beautiful fiber carbon scales. There is a true attention to details, the little big folder is flawless.
Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
Le Pointu - Xavier Conil - Laurent Monnier
Tip up carrying… generous lanyard hole…

This was just a glimpse as now it’s going to be used and test and we will update that post later in the summer !

Le Pointu can be seend and ordered at
and for any questions Xavier is reachable at xavier (at) nobug (dot) fr

Stay tuned for more about those little jewels !

OK by EDCing this little big knife you discover how well the ergos have been thought! The round thumb place on the axis of the folder is really something new in the cutlery. The cuts are powerful and controlled. I was also very please with the easy way I can clean the knife after working with it.
Sharpness is easy to get and maintain. The opening is made with a Pointu Drop, holding the blade like a spyderco. The opening is easy and secure: an elegant gesture.
Also the knife is carried in the watch pocket of my denim: perfect size ! πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Le Pointu – Born in Massalia”

  1. Sa;ut Nemo!

    Great pictures! And interesting knife. The KISS principal taken in new directions. Looks very useful.

    I also like to look of the Minimal. Do you have experience with that one?

    I will keep a look out for the follow up.



    1. Bonsoir JD ! πŸ™‚
      Yes, the minimal (non luxe version) is in another league. Cleverly made too. IMHO the Minimalux is made at higher standarts. (I even believe Taichung is involved, so go figure how the QT is high !!!)



      1. Bonsoir Nemo!

        I just ordered one! I am very curious, is has a number of first for me: first chisel edge utility knife, first D2, first of the singe scale knives, first of the modern Taiwan knives.

        I will let you know what I think.

        Take care,


  2. Yesterday I picked up mine from the post office. Here are some of my first impressions:
    – It is different, interesting and fun.
    – Good quality! It feel very well put together and finished. There is no blade play and the it locks up solid jet is easy to unlock. The cf looks and feel great.
    – It was reasonably sharp, it could shave arm hair but had trouble cutting rope. So to the stones is went! Now it can split hair and easily cut rope.

    I am going to edc for a while and get to know it better.


  3. Mine too is growing on me. It takes a sharp edge and cuts well. I have had no problem controlling the cut during my daily use and agree that is nice in the hand. I also use the Pointu drop! Aswel as the Pointu pinch where I open it by pushing the blade out with my thump on one side and middle two fingers on the other side and then continuing with thump.



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