C 157GTIP – Spyderco Lionspy – Pocket Lion King


“I got a lion in my pocket
And baby he’s ready 2 roar…”

Prince – 1999

The Lionspy is not a big knife. It’s an animal with big paws. Shorter than a Millie, in the same size as a Gayle Bradley this is a compact knife.
Stout would be the term.The extra thickness of the blade is balanced by the almost full wide flat ground convexed edge.
This is not a pointy knife. It’s almost like my beloved small Panama fighter from Sean McWilliams: not pointy but with a strong penetration factor.
So let’s not be fooled by it. The Lionspy got a very sharp tip and it’s perfectly useable for piercing.

The first thing you notice when you handle the Lionspy is how well balanced it is. There is a very good reason to have an half titanium and half G10 handle: balance.
This is a knife which is “alive” in the hand, easy to manipulate and a pleasure to hold. Again, for comparaison it remembers me the DPX HEST fixed blade in the way that thick tool can be very handy for hard works.

Spyderco Lionspy

Shorter than the Millie and in the same size as the Gayle Bradley which is a great hardcore folder with a much thinner blade of of wonderful steel.
The Lionspy is my first Elmax blade. Another exotic powder alloy to test.

Spyderco Lionspy

Eventually the Lionspy is a very compact stout folder as tall as some very familiar object. It doesn’t scare sheeples so far.

Spyderco Lionspy
On a table it’s really a shorty knife for such a relatively wide huge blade. Notice the Rotolock invented and patented by Gianni Pauletta.
This is a very simple way to turn a very strong folder into some mega strong folder. Not a fixed blade. But a mega strong open folding knife.

Spyderco Lionspy

From the thin CPM-M4 to that Millie special edition M390 to the massive Elmax of the Lionspy… The CPM-M4 has proven to be able to amazingly carve into very hard materials.
The convex flat ground Lionspy is absolutely razor sharp right out of the pouch (as there is no box but a great Spyderco pouch with a little stainless steel tool wrench to adjust the pivot and the clip.)

Spyderco Lionspy
Handy and comfy in any grip. See how the grind is even. But the confortable “not square” handle is the first thing I had noticed.
You got a very strong positive grip on hammer or reverse. “Built like a tank” is really the cliché which comes out loud from my mouth.

Spyderco Lionspy

Compared to the Millie’s clip the Lionspy clip is very low profile deep carry alternative. As the knife is short enough to be completly forgotten inside the pocket. Great EDC !
Now it’s not as easy to draw out of the pocket as compared to the Millie “quick draw spyder drop option”. But the Lionspy is a strong tool not a fast cheetah of a knife like the Millie.

Spyderco Lionspy
The cheetah and the lion. Two different kind of animals both very addictive. The Millie is performance oriented, light and fast.
The Lionspy is pure strenght and majesty.

Spyderco Lionspy

Two strong tools. The Gayle Bradley has proven  how useful and reliable it can be. Now it’s up to the Lionspy to prove how it can be too.
So let’s put my beloved GB back in a box and use only the Lionspy for a while…
Let see how the lion can roar on the long run…

Spyderco Lionspy


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