A Wolfspyder in Norway.

Taking the scandi ground Wolfspyder to Norway was logical choice but this little knife has revealed itself as a very reliable EDC in a lot of domains.

First it was easy to carry with his new deep carry clip and kept warm even in the Dovre National Park  .

There it was used for picnic duty where the sharp point was perfect to dig in plastic and cut some bread. Nothing extraordinary.

It was a light equipment in the bergen.

It was also the occasion to compare its grind with traditional Norwegian fixed blades.
You can notice how Ray Mears has studies this designs before starting his homework.

The belly of the Wolfspyder’s handle is the same as its ancestors.

In Norway a man without a knife is a man without a life.  Even if nowadays, in Oslo the fin to carry a knife without purpose can reach 1500 kron, 170 dollars !
This world is getting crazy as bad men will always find a way to carry an hidden butcher or parrying knife but responsable people can not enjoy the oldest tool ever made by human beings…

The traditional knife is still, like a silver pocket watch, considered as a jewel in the countryside.

The Wolfspyder was a delight to use. The thick stock blade and the zero ground scandi on mine was wonderful for whittling. The edge bites and digs really deep and I was able to drill in tree roots with no fear to break anything. You can use that folder very hard and this is really one of the “Little Big Knives” Spyderco knows how to produce. This is a compact workhorse ! And S30V has not let me down. It was not sharpen for a week and back home it is still razor sharp.


I also let other people borrowing my knife for other mondane tasks like preparing roses bouquets for a big Viking dinner where 100 people were invited.


The knife was not especially cleaned and S30V stay sharp and stainless. The open handle design makes it easy to check for dirts and rinse it under the tap.


As my personal and only knife, it has been used in my plate. I was not able to make it dull even on Norvegian bread.


Used and compared with the Polestar I have gifted to a viking friend of mine who is also a carpenter, both knives were used through the week. The Polestar was quicker to draw with the Spyderdrop and both knives were easy to keep sharp and clean.

The Wolfspyder is really one of my favorite little big knives. Its performance and reliability are stellar. It’s a real pleasure to cut into hard material with that kind of edge and the grind elimine any fear of broking the tip of the blade.
I was really surprise at the ease and speed I was able to make sticks and process wood with sucha smallish folder. The big fat handle is helping a lot but the S30V scandi still amazes me in the way it goes deep in the woodfibers ans stays sharp… It’s a pocket chainsaw !




9 thoughts on “A Wolfspyder in Norway.”

  1. I am going to sell my Helle Harding to get the Wolfspyder. I am shure people will bye them her in scand-iland if you could see the knife in person. Not many know about Ray Mears site here in Norway. This knife and Gransfors Outdoor is all need.


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