Cutter at the ready: Outdoor Edge Slidewinder and Powerfix Profi-Cutter.




Cutter blades are always been a must for their thin razor sharp blades destined to be use hard without any sharpening skills involved. They use in many crafts and often misused when a good knife could do the job.

When I was a pupil, I remember using cutters for anything: from artistic projects (with the full blade extended) to sharpen pencils. It was a cheap switchblade acceptable in the classroom. Professionals need stronger tools with pre-carved adjustable sliding blade.

Those solutions are often around 5 to 10 dollars/euros and while cheap are very handy and found in any places where cutting things is mandatory.
They are Workhorses of interchangeable blades !

The Outdoor Edge Slidewinder was a gift to friend after a purchase in Blade HQ.
This is actually the cheapest solution for a Front Opening Knife.
40 years ago, back at school, they used to sell spring retractable little cutter called “La Griffe De Chat”. It was a key holder with the same principle: getting a little cutter blade on a small front opening tool. Back then it cam in many colors and the spring tension was preventing the blade to slide out of the handle.

“Snikt !”


The Slidewinder offers the same idea but you also got the possibility to block the blade while extended.


It also propose a bottle opener and screwdrivers. The body of the tool is stainless steel and plastic.

It is very handy and easy to carry.
It does the job actually !
To change blade you should remove the fout torx screws. But really this is not something I would mind about. This is not a professional tool. Just some blade you can have on you for quick jobs.



If you want a “professional” folding cutter, the Powerfix Profi-Cutter is another stronger example. Bought in LIDL (hence a German tool) for less than 6 euros, this is a longuest ricasso tool I own.


The opening stud is also a unlocking system for the blade to be changed.
The lock spring is so hard to unlock, you need two hands !

Also the clip is so high, it won’t get un-noticed.
For the price, you got a hefty and solid tool. The kind of workhorse you will use to cut material against hard things: like carpets on the concret floor.
This is inexpensive and easy to get in play.

They are many way to bring a good blade in the working site.
Some may be more pricey than others ! 


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