RIP Jur….

This is a very sad news as Jur (Monsieur Spyderco for Europe) has left us last Friday, the 22nd of April.

Our condolences go to Martien and all his family.

The funeral was today.

For two decades, Jur was a close friend of mine and an enthousiastic partner in the sharpest crimes. His knowledge of the world cutlery was as keen as his blades. He was so full of energy, generous in sharing his knowledge and knives…

Also, Jur was a true and real gentleman.

He was always running, going fast forward like his time was running out, so maybe it was time, to turn the ship around and find some peace for his soul.

RIP my dear friend.

Nemo Sandman

Spyderco is deeply saddened to announce that our European Sales Representative, Jurphaas van Rietschoten, passed away on April 22, 2022. A native of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and a retired Chief Master Sergeant/Warrant Officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Jur began representing Spyderco in 1994. In the 28 years since then, he has been a critically important element of our international sales efforts and the “face” of Spyderco in Europe.

Jur had an amazing historical knowledge of Spyderco and of knives in general. The passion and enthusiasm he brought to his work was a direct reflection of his incredible zest for life and his genuine love of people. Fluent in several languages, he was also an expert interpreter whose unique style and spirit shined through in everything he did and every life he touched. Jur was truly one of a kind and the Spyderco Family will never be the same without him.

To all those who knew Jur, we ask that you please take a moment to wish him peace and remember him in your own way. We know that your friendship meant the world to him, just as he meant the world to us.


3 thoughts on “RIP Jur….”

  1. I came together with Jur before the first Spydermeet in Amsterdam, his knowledge about Spyderco and Knives was outstanding, learned a lot from him those days. This was my first meet with Spyderco and after that I attended all of them, together with the group of people from the first meet we became ” the Old Guys” as he called us, the steady factor on every Spydermeet. Jur’s organisational talent made every Spydermeet a big succes and there was always a warm welcome when we saw each other. But this weekend the shock was intense when the news came that he passed away. He will be alive in my memories and it will take a long time to get used on it that he is not longer among us. Rest in Peace my dearest Knife friend, gonna miss you Jurphaas.



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