UKPK vs Luna – Match of Modern Slipjoint

A little article by me Nemo (just to prevent plagiarism)
This Red Real Steel Luna is a special edition made for Heinnie Haynes in the UK. You can find other colours and even a titanium version. Its D2 blade is thin and got a great geometry and it costs, in its G10 version, less than half of the UKPK in LC200N. It is a beauty in its own right. The fuller gauge running on the top of the blade looks like a torpedo launcher.

Beautiful yes but the luna shows some real “weakness” toward the UKPK design. Let see why…

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Both design got a choil which gives you a real security as both knives are non-locking designs. They are slipjoint folder knives.
But where the UKPK got a very positive blocking mechanism, the same kind found in the Many Wasp. the Luna got a very soft system, making the choil mandatory for secure action. In fact compared to the UKPK, when cutting into something, the Luna’s blade is easily closing on your fingers. This is not pleasant.

The fuller on the Luna’s blade is not one hand opening friendly when the UKPK is opened with a flick.

In the pocket wear department, both have deep carry clips which are perfect for discreet carry. The Luna’s clip is actually well thought.

No, the main issue with the Real Steel slipjoint is purely mechanical. It is much too soft to be reliable despite the use of a choil and the choice of making it a two hands opening folder is tedious. The Luna with a stronger spring would be really some much better knife to consider but it seems that designing a good modern slipjoint, a reliable tool, is not an easy task and Spyderco has a real winner with its UKPK.

Nemo Sandman


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