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UKPK vs Luna – Match of Modern Slipjoint

A little article by me Nemo (just to prevent plagiarism)
This Red Real Steel Luna is a special edition made for Heinnie Haynes in the UK. You can find other colours and even a titanium version. Its D2 blade is thin and got a great geometry and it costs, in its G10 version, less than half of the UKPK in LC200N. It is a beauty in its own right. The fuller gauge running on the top of the blade looks like a torpedo launcher.

Beautiful yes but the luna shows some real “weakness” toward the UKPK design. Let see why…

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Both design got a choil which gives you a real security as both knives are non-locking designs. They are slipjoint folder knives.
But where the UKPK got a very positive blocking mechanism, the same kind found in the Many Wasp. the Luna got a very soft system, making the choil mandatory for secure action. In fact compared to the UKPK, when cutting into something, the Luna’s blade is easily closing on your fingers. This is not pleasant.



The fuller on the Luna’s blade is not one hand opening friendly when the UKPK is opened with a flick.

In the pocket wear department, both have deep carry clips which are perfect for discreet carry. The Luna’s clip is actually well thought.

No, the main issue with the Real Steel slipjoint is purely mechanical. It is much too soft to be reliable despite the use of a choil and the choice of making it a two hands opening folder is tedious. The Luna with a stronger spring would be really some much better knife to consider but it seems that designing a good modern slipjoint, a reliable tool, is not an easy task and Spyderco has a real winner with its UKPK.

Nemo Sandman





One year ago I had ordering a Para2 in CPM Cruwear, an exclusive run made for the Knife center.  Since them It has been used as one of my reference knife toward other purchases which sometimes has not reached the blog review as I’m avoiding bad reviews unless there is something to learn from.

20190909_151658-012836386720377641815.jpegAfter some acid work on the blade and titanium scales, eventually I am back to the smooth G10 scales and a deep carry clip. So why ?
First thing, even if the titanium scales were gorgeous, they add some weight and a very slippery feel under the finger, especially during wet works. Also it shifted the balance of the millie in a strange way making it “dead” in the end. I really enjoy the heavy handle of my PPT for example or on my Copper scaled Para but on the Para2 it was not working for me. back on smooth G10, it is more grippy than titanium and the balance point is shifter near the pivot again.

Despite my love for “Spyderdropping” I have decided to carry it “tip up” with a cheap titanium clip made in Malaysia and sold in Hong Kong. It works great and it is really low profile when I forget to pull it out of the pocket while going urban. (I carry a Lil’Native, a Roady or a Urban when going in the city those days, too much controls and metal detectors to go with a longer blade…)

CPM Cruwear as heat treated by Spyderco is a steel which loves his owner. It is not tricky to get sharp like Maxamet. In fact it asks to get sharp. Of course it is not as easy as 52100 or AEL-B but it is very tough in every task when you twist your blade like a good tool steel. Not easily stained too, my tests and zests are the proof on that and once stained it won’t go off. My edge is polished and smooth as a razor and it got zero major damage in a year of random tasks, no chipping (nothing which can not be cure with ceramic) or anything like on my thinned hard ZDP189 experiences. In fact my home convexed edge is as thin as my 52100 Para2 and it does real wonder on wood or hard plastic. In the kitchen that polish edge needs sometimes more “teeth” (S90V provides that for example) and some passes on a  brown ceramic or on a “butcher’s steel” do the trick for a coarser edge (tomato’s skin are tricky…) !


The PM2 transfer a lot of power in the cuts. The first inch from the ricasso can go deep in push cuts helps with a thumb’s push. You got as much power as a good old Millie and this is why the Para2 is so loved. The strong tip (strong because of the alloy used in this sprint run) is not convexed (to keep some steel and relative thickness) and I was able to drill hole in hard material with no bending or damage. This is a workhorse like I love them.
It’s a medium knife I can use hard with no immediate discomfort or “palm soar”.
The flat clip I have mounted on it is part of my need for a confortable grip.
I soon going to review a Kapara which is suppose to be better with its rounded handle but at least I had done my best to round the Para2 handle to my taste and eliminate any hot spot including the blade’s spine.


So, in my book, CPM Cruwear is an excellent choice for a EDC high performance folder.
For your information, the Knifecenter got now a new Sprint Run: a Native 5 with CPM Cruwear. I’m very tempted but the Kapara comes first. Anyway this combinaison of CPM Cruwear and smooth G-10 is just a winning hand. Spyderco (Eric) has also announced at the last Amsterdam Minimeet a Shaman in cruwear and micarta as a sprint run too. So CPM cruwear is here to stay.