Ladybug Hawkbill Sprintrun – The Real Cat Claw !

“Everybody wants to be a cat,
because a cat’s the only cat
who knows where it’s at…”

My friend Jur told me: “the older you’ll get the shorter the blades you will love.”
The first injection came from a baby Wayne Goddard, then the C22 Walker… now that little claw which is an amazing little tool !

Wolverine, Sabertooth are not the only one to produce some sharp claws in a blink of an eye ! You can do it too and with a very sheeple friendly (and invisible) Spyderco knife. There is a little Ladybug which got all the attribute of a feline “blade”: the “LBKS3HB”. Of course it’s a limited edition but soon it will be (re)release in a H1 and yellow handle version !

What I love about that little knife is its smoothness and the quality of construction. This is the shortest knife I can “Spyderdrop” and close by releasing the lock with a smooth flick of the wrist. So, it’s short, serrated, powerfull, handy, secured in the hand (thanks to the little fob provided by Jurphaas.)
This is the kind of knife I love to use in the city: removing labels on clothes, opening parcels, cutting plastic, strings, paper and even bread !
With a baguette this is a great knife to make the long incision for some ham !

Also, this little knife can be a real contender as a last ditch self defense tool aiming at the hands or the face !
The serrated edge can make painful and bleeding wounds with a swift caress of the blade.

Invisible, fast to put in service, performant… a real Cat Claw indeed !


Thea checking the knife.

Mini mini mini !

Confortable in various grip !

Closed, it’s almost got a grin !

This is VG10, baby !

Thea approves it !



And this is the H1 version of a Ladybug !


3 thoughts on “Ladybug Hawkbill Sprintrun – The Real Cat Claw !”

  1. Nice review and pictures! Interesting knife. Very different from what I would normally use, though I agree that with age the blades seem to shorten :).

    I like the fob! It looks like an essential for a knife this size. Do you have more information on it?



    1. Hi JD,

      Thank you for the nice words !

      The fob has been made by Jurphaas in front of me.
      You got three pieces: the paracord, metal dooda and the terminator…
      Jur removed the white string inside the paracord to flat the it.
      Then he used my leatherman to bend the metal dooda…and cut the paracord at the right lenght.
      The fob now is a perfect companion to that little claw. Anchoring your hand to it.

      I will soon review the Baby Wayne Goddard which also got a nice fob offered and made by Jur !

      Little Spydercos gotta luv them all !! 😉



      1. Hi Nemo,

        Thank you for the information!

        I will ask Jur about it.

        Take care,


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