Spyderco C136 Persistence Blue Exclusive : My China Blue !

SPyderco Persistence Blue SPrint

I love the Spyderco Persistence. Perfect size to be an EDC. 70 mm is city friendy.
Great ergos. Solid feels. Hidden choil. Smooth, sharp and ready to be used hard.
8cr13Mov is not the snobbish steel but it takes a great razor edge and is quite strong and forgiving.
No blade play. Full flad ground. Skeletonized liners. Light in the pocket.
The Persistence got only great reviews.
When I have learned a Spyderco’s C136 Persistence Blue Exclusive Run will be available, it was the occasion to buy another one. This one to be kept and used.
The clip is a little on the tight side and I have sanded the G10 under it but for the rest the Persistence is delivered with high QC and no flaw.
The Blade is centered. The action is fast and smooth and the edge even and razor sharp. The Royal Blue G10 is the little plus for been accepted by sheeples.

For a workhorse on a measured budget this knife is really a gem. I love the “cowboy knife” equation: cheap but reliable. So you can use it hard with no after thought. This one if ready for dirty jobs and easy to clean with its all open construction. Mine will be used as an eating knife, which means an hard confrontation with the ceramic of plates…
Again like in my previous review, those snobbish bushcrafters should give a chance to that little knife. Perfect for camping, whittling and food processing chores. Hunters of course like fishers should be aware of the polyvalence of that tool. Oh, I really love my China Blue and it can be proudly used next to my S90V Paramillie ! This is like jumping from an Aston Martin to a Beemer but both are reliable and fun to drive.

And yes there is one hair on my blade pictured. My Persistence is really razor popping hairs sharp…:-)


2 thoughts on “Spyderco C136 Persistence Blue Exclusive : My China Blue !”

  1. I don´t know how you do it but even cheap and ordinary knives look extraordinary to me after you take them as review objects. Now I really want persistence knife. Well done sir and nic preview.


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