Spyderco Techno C158TI – Is it my fav’ EDC ever ?

Of all the knives I have ever owned this one is blending everything I love in a knife. IMHO this the perfect EDC.
This one was able to kick my beloved Native 5 out of my pocket. Why? Better clip for example. Better edge/handle ratio, too. (The Native 5 is a gem and much more southpawn friendly…)
Better than my beloved Michael Walker ? Again a better clip and stronger construction. (The C22 ZDP189 hollow ground blade is pure cutting performances and unbeatable yet…)
And as I have stated in various reviews, since the 90’s, I always wanted a Sebenza with FFG and a Spyderhole… Marlin Slysz should have heard my wish.

Spyderco Techno

The Techno is one of Spyderco favorite concepts : a “Little Big Knife”.
Really. A thick blade like a Lionspy. Strong Chris Reeve Integral lock. Titanium construction with strong blade steel… Thick is good in my book if it’s not killing the perfs. Nordic knives like Pekka Tuominen extraordinary Nilakka tend to be thick and sharp. This is not common as many “tactical” folders emphase the thickness and forget the sharpness. But Spyderco has always been really performance obsessed. So the Techno is thick. Thicker than the Tuff. The back of the blade is an invitation for your thumb to push. This is really pleasant to whittle with the Techno as the thumb is not soared.
Handling the Prototype, I thought then, the blade was not enough pointy to my taste. I was wrong. My Techno got enough penetration power to gently pierce plastics. Not as Pointy as my C36 Millie. But much more solid.

The Techno is performance oriented: the full flat ground (FFG) blade got a thin edge which is incredibly aggressive. As far as I know, Carpenter’s CTS-XHP is becoming one of my favorite cutlery steel. I was not able to really dull the Techno’s edge since I got it. I’ve got some minor factory edge rolling after using it on a plate and it has been cured in 10 secondes on white ceramic. Since I receive it the Techno have never let me down. It was razor sharp and stays razor sharp. What more do you ask from your EDC?

Ergonomy. Yes. No choil on this one but some kind of hidden choil which means plenty of room for a strong 4 fingers grip and a great Blade/handle ration. Everything is designed for high reliability and usefulness. Closed in your fist, the Techno disappears and is warm to the touch. Its weight is pleasant as it is oozing high quality from its titanium pores. No hot spot on the handle. Nothing to file or to sand. The Techno is blister free and much more ergonomic than my beloved Sebbies for example.
Pleasant to the eye also: the bead blasted handle and blade is giving your tool some hardchore background. This knife is for serious cutting business. Bushcrafters of the world, again, this is a folding tool to consider. There is even a lanyard hole to secure your Techno !

Anyway, the Techno is easy to carry: equipped with the deep wire clip, the knife once clipped look like a… some kind of lighter. The blue G10 spacer helps a lot in giving some friendly image to the Techno.

Sh*t, the Techno got A+++ on all the requirements to become my favorite EDC ever… Now time and mileage will tell… So far its concept corresponds to something I’ve really been looking for: some strong “toolish” character + some real cutting performances in a small “easy to EDC” package.
Thank you Marlin for bringing such a gem to the cutlery world. And “gem” in French is “J’aime”: I love it !!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Spyderco Techno C158TI – Is it my fav’ EDC ever ?”

  1. “I love it! ” is what you write and “I love what you write” is what I say… Great write-up Nemo!
    Thanks and keep us posted….


  2. Great review for Techno,sebenza quality,hinderer toughness,spyderco sharpness,very easy to pocket,very good steel ,price is good,it is a winner in my books.Thanks Nemo for a great insight of a great knife.Cheers.


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