Titanium handles, Sebenza, Sage 2 and Techno a little comparaison shot.

Sebenza SPyderco Sage 2 Techno

Above are three of favorite EDC knives ever and I wanted to compare them at least on pic.
The Sebenza is from 1996, Blade in ATS 34 so finely ground it has outlasted all BG42, S30V and S35V version. The lock has never failed me and did not move since I got it. It has been my Embassador knife and been shipped in all over the world for people to test it. Its last tester was Jeff Randall.
The Sage 2 is my favorite of the Sage serie offered by Spyderco and it has been reviewed already. It’s not as smooth as the Sebbie but the ergos and the in house convexed ground blade are giving very high scores on day to day cutting chores.
The techno is the last and has not left my front pocket. This is an amazing folder.

Sebenza SPyderco Sage 2 Techno

Now we got here three kind of blade, ergos and concepts. All shares the “heavy duty” label in my book.
The lock is solid as you hold it with your hand by just squeezing the handle. The Sebbie is so solid, it has been mauled in solid wood with no damage.
They are very very easy to rinse and clean. This is an incredible plus in the field on in the kitchen.
All those people who need skeleton liners do forget how it’s much easy to clean your folding knife when there is no hole inside its handle when dirt can go…
These knives are also eye candies and all have been noticed by sheeples as “tools” but no weapon.
Only the Sage 2 got a choil but the cutting edge lenght is eventually as long as the edge provided by the Techno.
The Sebenza with its hollow ground got no drag, the FFG blade of the SAGE2 is perfect and the techno thick blade is continuing to amaze me.

Soyderco Techno
Now the Techno is the shortest, the thickest, the sharpest and the less smooth to open. But the last kid in the block got more pocket time than the other knives and it’s small enough to get on board with another knife without to be noticed. I often carry it with a Douk Douk Ecureuil in the back pocket or a Spyderco Manbug in the watch pocket. The techno got also a lanyard hole, which is a lacking option on the Sage 2 and its ergos are clever enough for not needing any choil for secure grip.
The Sebbie has open the way. Spyderco knows how to give great credits to the Reeve Integral Lock and have better ergos.
Three knives I do trust in any situation from deploying, cutting to resharpening.


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