Acereuil – Another great limited Douk Douk version

Douk Douk Acereuil

The Acereuil is the special édition by Armes Bastille (Acheron) of the Douk Douk Ecureuil from Cognet. The Ecureuil (Squirrel) is a all silver knife when the Acereil got a blade handle with the Acheron logo on it (The Acheron pet has been designed by the gifted Bastien Bastinelli from Bastinelli’s Creation.). Fred Perrin told me about l’Ecureuil some decade ago. It seems to be his favorite Douk version back in those days.
Now I also got his Vendetta Douk Douk I have reviewed last year wich was an elegant and pointy adaptation of the Douk.


As you can notice, the handle is typically Douk Douk but the blade is a more “classic” spear point blade. Beautiful blade actually. XC75 us easy to keep razor and its very thin edge will not chip on that good old carbon steel.

Douk Douk

All three knives are great EDC and for less than 20 euros it’s a bargain. Douk’s got strong springs and perfect grinds. Each of them can be used on a plate or in the wood. Carrying is also legal in my country. this is definitively a tool not a weapon. once you get used to clean the blade, the patina starts to develop slowly giving them a lot of character.
Legal EDC with a very strong attitude, its a friendly knife.

Douk DOuk
Tre amigos…


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