Military C36PIN CPM M4 Exclusive Run — Ghost in the Machine

For a funny reason I give name to knives I keep. It gives them more personality. For a strange reason all my C36 Military got name starting with G like Glesser.
My Military Sprintrun CPM Cruewear is “Gandalf” because of its grey handle.
My new Military with Natural G10 (or Jade G-10) and CPM M4 blade will be name Ghost. It’s an exclusive run for Blade HQ.

This is the first time I got the chance to handle the new version: no spacer, bigger lanyard hole, bigger screws… My first Millie “Glesser”, back in 1996 was already a new version with CPM440V (S60V) and the three screws clip. 21 years later here is what I consider the apogee in this design: a blade alloy I really love and a “light” construction.
Gandalf and Ghost weight almost the same: 124g versus 123g on my cooking electronic scale. This is a light package with a lot of cutting power.
I also love the fact that the Jade handle makes it very sheeple friendly and less “military”.

Since I have reviewed the M390 CF version and the Titanium handle version.

Now I have really convexed the grind on Gandalf for wood working.
But I wonder how it will compare to CPM M4 on Ghost.
It will be the subject of another review.


7 thoughts on “Military C36PIN CPM M4 Exclusive Run — Ghost in the Machine”

  1. Hi There,
    Thank you for maintaining such an interesting Blog. I recently purchased my second Spyderco Military, the Jade green BladeHQ model. I was wondering why they removed one of the standard screws and replaced it with a pin. I have not tried disassembling to clean yet. Any idea why they made this change? It has a different feel than my G10 standard model, even more solid and a nearly stiff deployment. Keep on cutting 🙂


    1. Thank you for the nice words. ☺️
      The pin is going through stainless steel and g10, and it isade of only one piece of metal.
      I do trust Spyderco for improvements and the C36 has always been better on all those adjustments that we don’t see.
      So one piece of metal can be more solide than two screws into one tube. ☺️


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