Spyderco Lil Nilakka Edge rolling out fixed and used.

On my Lil Nilakka You can see the damage on the edge. Dry bambu cutting…

It looks spectacular but it’s just a matter to realign the edge.

It hurst on a new knife !!… Ouch !

In fact I also use diamond to remove some material.

15 minutes later, it is back for more.

Simple tools…

30 minutes later on leather;
Convexing gives a little more material behind the edge. No more stability issues.
And it’s not giving up on performances.



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Journalist Reporter Filmmaker Author Photograph "Turn and the world turns on, we're riding out with the dawn All fired up again like a thousand times before Beneath the blessed sun and the coming day And the years don't change a thing - the rush remains the same And I feel like a knife, these days are calling I feel like a knife, sharpened like steel Touched by the hand of the gods on these golden mornings I feel like a knife for you." "KNIFE" Justin Sullivan 1991

5 thoughts on “Spyderco Lil Nilakka Edge rolling out fixed and used.”

  1. Love your reviews Nemo. I think every time I read one, I go buy whatever model you seem to be talking about. Latest additions are wolfspyder and lil nilakka. Love them both, but never would have considered them until after I read your reviews with awesome pics. Thank you! Keep them coming!!


    1. Oh thank you !! These two little gems are some of the best companions !
      The Wolfspyder was the knife which made rediscover how great S30V could be when heat treated by connoisseurs.
      Thank you for the nice comment, it always bringing a lot of joy over here !! 🙂


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