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Tuscan Raider #3 – Spyderco C215GP Euroedge.

Again this is all made with my smartphone as I’m far from any computer. A folding dagger as beautifully designed and made is not a bushcraft knife. But my very first modern folder back in 1993 has been a Gerber Applegate folding dagger. The…

Spyderco C11WDP Delica HAP40/SUS410 Pakkawood Handles, KnifeCenter Exclusive — Delicate Lady/Gentleman Folder.

 If the Endura with Pekkawood handles is too big for you, there is the Delica alternative ! Again it is IMHO the best version ever made of that legendary folder. I have bought it from the Knifecenter and Howard Korn which is really proud…

Spyderco Lil Nilakka Edge rolling out fixed and used.

On my Lil Nilakka You can see the damage on the edge. Dry bambu cutting… It looks spectacular but it’s just a matter to realign the edge. It hurst on a new knife !!… Ouch ! In fact I also use diamond to remove…

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