Tuscan Raider #3 – Spyderco C215GP Euroedge.


Again this is all made with my smartphone as I’m far from any computer.

A folding dagger as beautifully designed and made is not a bushcraft knife.

But my very first modern folder back in 1993 has been a Gerber Applegate folding dagger.

The first models were made in a stainless steel close to 420Hc.

The Euroedge is made of S30V.

Cutting wood with it is like making chop sticks with a bastard sword: it was not designed for that. The Euroedge is like a weapon a Templar will keep at hand. The blade is massive and the stock is thick.

The handle is so well made G10 feels like carbon fibers.

It is one of the most beautiful Spyderco ever made and a real tour de force in pure hommage to ancient times.

“”I can do anything”, Ed Schempp, will push the envelope, often just to see if he can. I did a “hammer” in at Ed’s house. Just a bunch of knife afi’s with great skill working on a globe. But no hammers. Ed designed and built a series of miniature rolling mills so we can produce mosaic
Damascus pieces, each with an assignment. Ed’s my “go to” guy for Ethnic series knives. Take a design hundreds, or even thousands of year old, capture the purpose and function and re-create that in a modern folder. He studies the design, the history, function and purpose before beginning. Those of you that have studied and used Ed’s designs know what I’m talking about. True original classics, each and every one.”
Sal Glesser.


2 thoughts on “Tuscan Raider #3 – Spyderco C215GP Euroedge.”

  1. A beautiful, slick, sharp hunk!
    The problem with all that slick polish, is anchoring the knife in the one handed opening mode! It slips and slides, and I have big meaty hands that can grab a basketball, and squish it dead!! But getting a good grip on this knife is difficult, to say the least. Like trying to grab an eel.
    Maybe there is still a few molecules of oil bouncing around.
    It will take quite awhile in practice before I would trust this pretty bit of knife in an emergency.
    The polish is beautiful (the blade should be so polished)!
    Therein lies the devil!
    Fortunately, i enjoy the knife sufficiently to be quite willing to put in the practice time!
    One more thing, it would have been nice if the hole in the blade was more accessible, and better engineered in general (to open with a single, straight forward push)! It SHOULD open the blade in a single, not to difficult, motion. It doesn’t, what with struggling with the detente, then around a corner… 2 different motions make for jerky blade opening! Means unreliable and slow.
    I suspect that it wasn’t intended to be a ‘wall hanger’, but… did I mention engineering?
    Good beginning, Mr. Shemp, when you perfect the design, maybe I’ll upgrade (for the price, the exchange should be free!).


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