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Native 110V Sprint run used as skinner.

It’s in Italian as it was filmed in Tuscany after the hunting linked here. But I think you will enjoy to see how the Native 5 S110V blade goes well on skinner hares job. The walker is here.  And Valter review of it is…

Spyderco C22 in ZDP189 — Amazing After Six Years Hunting in Tuscany !

Six years ago, my friend Valter Nencetti took my Walker for a one year mission which turned into a six years journey. It was his favorite knife for hunting and he reported that to me in this article:  https://nemoknivesreview.com/2012/12/30/spyderco-c22-in-zdp189-italian-hunter-update-by-valter-nencetti/ This year, he has given…

Spyderco C22 in ZDP189 Italian Hunter Update by Valter Nencetti

“Dear Nemo, here is the review on the knife you have given to me to test. It has passed all the tests with flying colors during the hunting season. I thought it would chip but it has not happen. Of course I have not…

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