Blade4sell Titanium Clips – Deep Carry Alternative.


Victim of his own success Blade4sell have taken almost 6 months to send to me two titanium clips. But again the perfection is at the rendez vous.
I have been able to use the original screws on the Police but I had 3 sets of screws (one black) provided with the two clips.
As you can notice the clips got that parallel lip at the tip which makes them less prone to scratch furniture or car paints.  It goes easy in and out of the pocket. Nothing catches.
Let’s hope Blade4sell will be able to hire soon to honor their orders faster. But they are very honest and were OK to refund me. It’s good to see good artisan standing behind their production and helping their overseas customers. Highly recommended.


You can notice how the screw flushes with the clip. Nothing to wear your pockets.


It works great on the Police and one The Paramillie.


The Paramillie can be open with a finger flip when the Police is spyderdropped.


It is almost invisible and nothing telegraphes the size of that folder: very convenient.
Like on my Millie, it helps a lot for big folders.



3 thoughts on “Blade4sell Titanium Clips – Deep Carry Alternative.”

  1. I’m not sure if this person is actually the one making these or just ordering from a China distributor and selling here, that would explain the complaints on every single site he is selling on for slow wait time. Some reviewers said just ordering from China and reselling. That would also explain lack of tracking. Once something leaves China there is no way to track it until they arrive here. Seems like he’s not the actually maker. Spend $10 more and get a good clip from someone in the USA verified.


    1. I have been exchanging with the person many times and it seems legit to me and very nice for getting the clip to France as fast as possible. For me it is a 100% positive experience.
      The chinese clips I had ordered on another site and for much less money were much thinner and lighter.
      To this day I have zero complain about Blade4sell quality. I carry my favorite knives on them, go figure:
      Swayback, 52100 PM2, Bowie Amalgam…


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