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Blade4sell Titanium Clips – Deep Carry Alternative.

Victim of his own success Blade4sell have taken almost 6 months to send to me two titanium clips. But again the perfection is at the rendez vous. I have been able to use the original screws on the Police but I had 3 sets…

Wolfspyder upgrade – adding a deep pocket clip on the folding bushcrafter.

I had ordered a titanium deep carry clip for my Yojimbo2 but eventually I did not like how it was slowing the draws on that SD folder. But there is one knife which desserved another attempt: the beloved Wolfspyder. So here it goes !…

MILITARY C36PIN PART IV: Deep Carry Clip in Titanium

After the part III where I built a patina by worshipping various acids, here comes the part IV of improving my old classic Spyderco: installing a better clip. My first attempt in custom deep carry titanium clip has not be good. It was for…

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