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Bulgarian Rhapsody – Manly Wasp in S90V

In winter we all need vitamin C, after a long wait I get my shot !! My Viking friend Dan Sharpe has been the one who has injected me the Manly Virus. First one was the Manly Peak, the Comrade…  And with my Welsh…


The Manly Peak is a workhorse. So, it has been put to good use in various tasks. The main features of that folder are a very thin geometry and a zero play mid backlock. It has not developed any play and the edge has…

Zero Tolerance 0562CF — Bright and Beautiful.

My first Zero Tolerance was the 0770CF and I was really amazed by the quality of manufacturing provided by that Peter Kershaw’s brand. But I wanted something hardchore, heavier at the opposite of my C36 Military which is light and fast like the Hussein…

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